Friday, 6 October 2017


October already? I can't believe how fast this year has gone! I only weighed in 3 weeks in September as I spent the final weigh day in away in Zante so I'm really chuffed with my 5.5lbs loss, which takes my total to 1st 9lbs. october is a pretty social month as I'll see my bestie get married and hen do #2! I'm going to really enjoy that week and not worry about my weightloss. But that's 3 weeks away and it would be amazing to get my 2st award before then, or be very close at least! Wish me luck...

So, on to what I've been eating...


I really hope I'm not boring you with this one as it never ever changes! I always have the best intentions about swapping my breakfast up but I just really love my wheatabix with fruit!


Lunch varies at lot, my parents make amazing homemade soups so I usually get a batch of these every couple of months and I'll have one a week. Every couple of weeks I'll also make a batch of chicken or beef with vege and rice or pasta and stick them in the freezer, they're so handy for days when I can't be bothered to make anything or don't know what to have. Leftovers from dinner are always a good too!


My dinners are always varied and I try to get a good mix of meals. A typical week will include meals such as pasta, fish, rice, vege, stir fry and jacket potato. Burger (with a 9 syn brioche bun) and chips is a heavy syn treat which I usually have on weigh day.

I buy all of my meat from Muscle Food, you can use my code VP252035 at the checkout to receive 4 free chicken breasts. Alternatively check out their bargain bundles, my personal favourite is the 65 Piece Best Of British

Here's to a slim October!

Total loss so far: 1st 9lbs


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  1. I love reading these update posts! and I do not get bored after seeing the same breakfast, because honestly; if it works IT WORKS! <3


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