Friday, 17 February 2017

Why Should Women Take Protein Supplements?

If you are trying to get in shape by going to the gym and improving your diet, or just having a healthier lifestyle in general, it is really important to monitor what you eat. Whilst carbs are known to be a bit of a problem area in terms of weight loss, since if eaten regularly and in large quantities, they can cause you to gain a few extra pounds, there is no denying they are a great source of energy and keep you full, so that you do not go snacking later on. Of course, a few carbs are not going to kill you, but if you know that they are your enemy when it comes to keeping fit, then it is important to look for another alternative. The answer: protein supplements.

Protein supplements are not just for bulky men that you see leaving the gym after weightlifting goodness knows how many kilograms, but they can be ideal no matter who you are and what your workout of choice is. According to research undertaken by Voucherbox, who tested out some protein products, the difference was noticeable after only a week of exercising and taking supplements.

What is it though about protein supplements, whether in powder, tablet or bar form, that helps us along the road to being fit? 

If you are a fitness fanatic, then you will have probably heard of whey protein. It is a commonly used form of protein in supplements, as it has many health benefits such as improving depression and blood pressure, and of course, increasing muscle strength.

Whey protein, therefore, is ideal for giving you that extra energy boost after a workout. This particular type of protein comes in lots of tasty flavours such as strawberry, chocolate and vanilla, so it will also please your taste buds whilst doing your body a world of good. Of course, no food can give you energy and fill you up without having some carbs in. This also happens to be why whey comes in the variety of flavours that it does.

Do not let the mention of carbs scare you off though. As long as you keep an eye on your intake of whey protein supplements, then they will not be a problem. Any food should be eaten in moderation anyway and protein supplements should not become a replacement to cooking. It is vital that you maintain a balanced diet with varied, fresh ingredients.

If the carbs in whey protein are really putting you off, or you are a vegan or vegetarian, there are several other types of protein supplements out there which do a really good job. Plant-based protein supplements made from the likes of peas are great for your body.

Pea protein is dairy and gluten free, so if you are celiac or lactose intolerant, there is no need to worry about where to get your post-gym protein fix from. Protein supplements like pea protein also have the advantage that they actually can help weight loss!

Whether you and carbs are complete enemies or do not mind each other in moderation, protein supplements are a great way to keep you in shape and are suitable for everyone. 

So hear this, girls, get some protein supplements and start feeling fit!

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