Saturday 18 February 2017


So after my little loss last week I had hoped it'd turned it around but unfortunately I only managed to lose 1lbs taking my total loss to 11lbs in 4 weeks. I had hoped to get my 1st stone award today but never mind, I'm on the right track and hopefully I'll get it at my next weigh in. I'm actually away next weekend so I won't be getting weighed so my next update will combined week 5 & 6. I really hope I get my stone award then and there's absolutely no reason why I shouldn't.

On to what I've been eating this week. Saturday night we had steak and chips as our Valentine's Day meal, we'd got distracted chatting and the chips were done before i'd even put the vege on so unfortunately there wasn't any speedy food in that meal, opps. After being a little dishearten last week I tried to mix my meals up a little bit this week, although I couldn't resist my fave spinach cannelloni. I made a chorizo risotto which was 6 syns and super tasty! I also had a go at making Sag Aloo which went nicely with a 1 portion home curry I had in the freezer. After weeks of not having any courgettes I managed to track some down and I stocked up. We had meatball courgetti last night to celebrate! I never know what to have the night before weigh in but this one was obviously a good one to have.

This week I also went back to the gym. I've done two spinning classes and a kettle bell class, which was a lot more intense than I thought it would be. I'll aching beyond belief and I'm about as speedy as a sloth! But it's good to be back. It might be why my loss this week has been low as muscle weighs more than fat, but i'm getting fitter and stronger and I guess that's the most important thing.

I buy all of my meat from Muscle Food, you can use my code VP252035 at the checkout to receive 4 free chicken breasts. Alternatively check out their bargain bundles, my personal favourite is the 65 Piece Best Of British. Their stuff is amazing quality, you won't be disappointed!

Favourite meal last week? Chorizo Risotto for sure, the wine stock pots are such a great invention.
Learnt anything new? I'm ridiculously unfit, once again!
Complete last weeks aims? Yes! I went back to the gym!
Aims for this week? To not get distracted by my lack of weigh in next week and focus on the scales the week after.
Any new dishes to try? Nothing is jumping out at me at the moment.
Wanting to lose? 3 so I can get my stone award!

Update One - 6lbs
Update Two - 3.5lbs
Update Three - 0.5lbs
Update Four - 1lbs

Total loss: - 11 lbs


  1. Oh, that chorizo risotto sounds good - do you have a recipe?!

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

    1. I second this! Never know where to start with risotto haha!

    2. Hello! There's no recipe as such, I just make the risotto as per the instructions and then in a pan I fry light my vege and chorizo and then mix in with the risotto when cooked :)

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