Friday 5 August 2016

My Vitamins Snack Box

My Vitamins Snack Box - £19.99 + free delivery  

I love my monthly subscription boxes and you often find posts on the Look Fantastic one quite regularly on here. But earlier on this week a different kind of box landed on my doorstep and this one wasn’t full of beauty goodies, it was full of healthy snacks from My Vitamins and oh my, I was very impressed....

I often get a sweet tooth in the afternoon, every day is a challenge to not dive in to the snack box downstairs and reach for a Dairy Milk. I’ve tried yogurt, fruit, sweet tea, but usually only a couple of squares of dark chocolate will do the trick. It’s not the worst habit I know, but it’s like I’m in a routine that I can’t get out of. So receiving this box was a gift from the sweetness Gods. I had no idea a box like this existed but I was oh so thankful to be able to try it and get some ideas for some snacks I could have, here's a full list of what's included. Like I said, I only got his box a few days ago so I’m only a couple of products down but so far I’m pretty impressed. I know it’s not the cheapest box, but if you just want a fix every now and again then it could really work. I’d say I could make this last about 2 weeks, maybe 3 at a push!

I really like the idea of this box, it certainly encourages healthy snacks and it’s nice to know that I can eat something sweet guilt free! I’m a big fan and I’ll certainly be getting the August snack box. 

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