Monday, 8 August 2016


Tangle Teezer - From £10.60

For the past 12 years I’ve had pretty long hair, I try to look after it the best I can which usually involves little washing (plenty of dry shampoo), as little heat as possible and plenty of trips to the hairdressers for a trim. However, one thing I’ve never been good at is brushing my hair. I know, I know, awful. I can’t bear to brush out my curls and create a frizzy mess, but sometimes the tangles were real let me tell you. I was fairly late to jump on the Tangle Teezer bandwagon, but since then it’s changed my hair routine and I think every girl needs one in her life...

Since they first hit the beauty shelves, they’ve really developed the brand and products which mean we have even more to choose from. They still do their original plan ones, mine’s hot pink, but they do different colour ways as well as patterns. They’ve even collaborated with Lulu Guinness and have a Pug online exclusive, it’s so cute! Also, new to the Tangle Teezer family is the Thick & Curly one which comes in perfectly autumnal shade of berry!

My Tangle Teezer is a handbag staple, it goes everywhere with me and the size makes it convenient to just whip it out when I need to. Although my original is still going strong, I really love the Lulu Guinness one!  

Are you a Tangle Teezer fan? Which one do you have?


tangle teezer tangle teezer tangle teezer



  1. I'm not really sure what I would do without my tangle teezer, it is a life saver! This pug design is adorable!

  2. I literally don't remember what I did before I had my Tangle Teezer, but I wince every time I have to use someone else's hairbrush if I'm staying somewhere and didn't bring it!

    francesca |


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