Tuesday, 5 July 2016


I like my food, I love going to restaurants and weekly date nights are a must. So whilst in Berlin, of course, I had to find some really great places to eat for myself and Dad. So here’s a few which stood out and I totally recommend... 

Ristorante A Mano

This was the first one I found on TripAdvisor as one of the best places to eat in Berlin. The fact it's also Italian was just the icing on the cake, as they say. They have an online booking service, so I managed to book for the Friday night before we went. Although the website is in German it was pretty easy to work out and luckily there weren't any problems. 

The location I believed would be perfect, however when we went there was also some grand prix event taking place and a lot of the area was blocked off. So instead of having a view with fountains, we had to look at fencing around a race track, not ideal but nothing could be done. 

On to the food, a good choice. I'm not a fussy eater but I like to have a lot to choose from, you never know what mood you'll be in. I started with vegetable soup and Dad had Pâté, to follow I had chicken, Dad Salmon (both with a side of vegetables) and then we finished with tiramisu and a creme brulee.

The food was incredible, probably one of the best Italians I've ever had and the service was equally as good. The prices were very reasonable too. I loved this place and it ended our first day in Berlin perfectly.

MIO Restaurant

Mio was a restaurant we just happened to stumble upon in the area where TV tower is. We decided to go there for the Saturday night as we though the area would have a great atmosphere about it, which i did. I think it helped that there was a big German football game was also taking place at the time! We headed to one place for cocktail or two first before deciing where to eat. Unfortunley there wasn't a lot of choice there, a lot of 'fast food' places instead of sit down places, including a few chains but we settled on Mio which actually turned out to be another Italian... opps! This place had a more of a 'bar' feel than costy resrtuant which was fine, but the food reflected this. We had Nahos to start, followed by Pizza and pasta and then a Black Russian cocktail for pudding. 

Again, very reasonably priced. Probably better for somewhere to go for lunch. Service wasn't that quick, but that was probably because the place was full for the football. Here's what TripAdvisor says. 

Friedrichs 106

As we had an early boat ride on Sunday we decided to head out and have a sit down breakfast instead of a grab and go coffee and croissant. This place is situated right where we caught the boat from so we had time to have a leisurely breakfast. There was quite a bit to choose from but we both decided to keep it simple with eggs on toast, sometimes you just can't beat it right?

This place is a little bit more pricey for some of the dishes, but you're paying for the location as it's right on the river. It's also part of a hotel so there's a buffet breakfast inside for the guests. Although busy we managed to get a great spot and people watched whilst we enjoyed the morning sun. Service was ok, you got the feeling the waitresses would rather be somewhere else though.

Friedrichs 106 is a nice little breakfast spot and we left feeling full and ready for our boat trip. Here's what TripAdvisor says.

And not forgetting....

No city break is complete without a million cups of coffee and the most delicious ice creams...

I have one more Berlin post coming up and this involves the sweetest trip to a chocolatier... 


  1. I am now feeling very hungry, this all looks delicious! :)

    Ambling along in my new H&M top!


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