Wednesday 4 May 2016


I love Mexican food and quite often a craving of nachos, fajitas or my all time favourite enchiladas will come in to my life. I must admit I’ll usually put something together at home as Mexican food is relatively easy to make but one Saturday a few weeks ago myself and James were invited to Tortilla to see what the new edition to intu Victoria Centre was all about and well, it was pretty freakin’ good... 

As fast food goes, I do try and stay away from it, but sometimes it can’t be helped and that’s fine. Tortilla specialises in burritos and tacos which are made fresh right in front of you and you pick what goes inside, a Mexican Subway if you will. I was kindly asked If I’d like to make my own which was a lot harder than I thought (hats off to the Tortilla crew!) but it was really fun and I was pretty impressed with my wrap. Although neither James nor I got the memo on how to actually eat the burrito though and it quickly started falling apart in front of us...! There were plenty of tips around on how to eat said burrito but I blame the yummy margarita for distracting us.

Tortilla is a great place for those who want something different for your lunch, the service is really quick and if you’re taking away you’ll be in and out within 5 minutes. However they have a great seating area too so if you’re staying a little longer like we did then there’s plenty of room to enjoy your food and drinks. Prices are reasonable and the portion sizes are very generous, our large burrito was £6.20 and margarita £ 4.50 which were both good value for money and we certainly left feeling very full.

I’d highly recommend Tortilla for a fuel stop during your visit to intu Victoria Centre and I'll certainly be returning next time I'm in town!


  1. I LOVE Mexican we have Barburrito near me and it's just like this and I love it!! I can imagine they are quite hard to make though! Xx

  2. They have quite a few branches in London so it's always good if you're looking for somewhere cheap to eat x

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