Saturday 2 April 2016


A the start of February I decided to get my bum in to gear and add exercise to my every day life, I'm pleased to say that after completing March too, exercise is now fully part of my routine and the guilt of missing a day being active is real let me tell you. The two things which still really help are my Fitbit Surge and Spiralizer.

During March I did 1526 minutes worth of exercise which burnt off 9445 calories. I lost 4 inches across my body and said goodbye to 4lbs. 

I wanted to include weights this month which I've successfully done, I have one dedicated weights class a week and then add weights to other classes too. I'm still doing a mix and my classes range from spinning, LBT, running, cardio circuits, step accumulators and abs blast. I'm pretty pleased with the classes I'm doing and the progress I'm making, so I'd like to carry on as I am but maybe add a little more weight to my bar and push myself further with that.

For most of the month I've been following a low carb, high fat diet. I've not cut carbs out 100% and I've eaten out a few times, but for 95% of the time I've been imaginative and turned my courgettes in to noodles, aubergine in to lasagna sheets and lettuce leaves in to wraps. It's actually been a lot easier than I thought and I've certainly noticed a difference. I feel less bloated, sluggish and it's certainly encouraging me to eat more vegetables! 

Looking back I've had a great month, I'm making progress (even if it is slowly) and I'm feeling a lot happier in myself, I got in to a  pair of trousers last week which wouldn't even do up last time I tried to put them on! Bring it on April, lets see what you'll do for me! 


  1. It's amazing how good you feel after exercising isn't it? :) And it sounds like you're doing really well! Good on you! :D xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    1. Thanks Jessie-Ann! It's amazing, I love my classes! xo

  2. Wow that is amazing, well done. I really need to take a leaf out of your book!!

    Lauren x |

  3. Well done! Sounds like a great lifestyle change! xx


  4. Love your progress format. I too am on this sort of journey. Have you tried the at home workouts on youtube or the old dvds? I find that they do help a bit!
    xo Cassandre

    1. I used to, but I find i get much more from my classes.

      Love the 30 day shred though! I always pop back to that every now and again :)


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