Friday 12 February 2016


Lipstick holder - eBay £3.99

Foundation – Revlon Nude Beige £5.95 // Blusher – Max Factor Sable £2.50  // Eyeshadow -  L’oreal Colour Infallible Eternal Black &Goldmine £1.99 // Eyeliner - Love Thy Make Up Duo £1.50 // Mascara – Rimmel JetBlack £4.50 // Lipstick – MAC Hang Up £13.99

I was back at uni when I was first introduced to the wonders of Fragrance Direct, my housemate swore by it and used to buy all her make up and hair products from there. Since then I’ve used it quite a lot myself, it comes in to it’s own for Christmas let me tell you. I’ve managed to get some really heavily discounted products on there which make perfect gifts for both the girls and guys in my life...

They have a great selection of brands on the website too such as Mac, L’oreal and Rimmel, with products ranging from make up, hair, skincare, fragrance. You can find anything on there if you have the take to look through and you can grab yourself some real bargains.

I’ve put together a bit of Valentines Date Night look for you with just the products I’ve featured above. Considering I hadn't been matched to the foundation it was a lucky guess (Nude Beige) and I actually liked it a lot more than I thought I would. It gives me great coverage  and has a very similar consistency to EsteeLauder Double Wear which is my usual foundation. The blusher was a little more orange than what I would usually pick but I actually think it works really well, I ditched the rubbish brush which came with it and used a Real Techniques one instead which blended the product a lot better, I’ve been using this for work this week. For the eyeshadows I wouldn’t recommenced using a brush at all, it did nothing. You need to use your finger tips with these which I know not everyone will like. They are quite creamy and easy to blend but I think you need to go back to the shadow a good few times and build it up, not ideal if you’re in a rush but for me it was fine. The mascara was ok, it did was it was meant to do and I didn’t have any problems with the brush, I’m just used to my Benefit They’re Real so anything else doesn’t really come close!  The eyeliner were great, again easy to blend and easy to build on, considering you get 2 for £1.50 I can’t really grumble at all. Finally, for my lipstick I went with Mac Hang Up which is unfortunately sold out on the site now (they have frosted ones available still). Most of my MAC lippies are neutral or pinky so it was a bit of a risk picking this one, but I’m so glad I did. I actually love it, so so much.

Overall I’m really happy with my picks, they all lasted until bedtime and I only had to touch up the lipstick once after eating. I loved the look I created and it was great to experiment again with my make up. It’s certainly made me want to try more products and try and create some more looks out of my comfort zone. Maybe I’ll bring Friday’s Face back?! Kudos if you remember those days! 


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  1. Love that lip colour, and it really suits you. Looking gorgeous :)

    Sophie x

  2. Looking gorgeous x

  3. Your eye make-up looks insanely good! x


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