Tuesday, 26 January 2016


I love GHD when it comes to hair tools, their products are perfect for quick and effortless styling. I've had a pair of their straightners for as long as I can remember and always back them in my suitcase whenever I go away. You know, just in case! They're really long lasting too, my current pair I've had for about 4 years now and they're still going strong. Although I must admit James uses them a lot more than myself for straightening now as I prefer my hair more on the wavy/curly side, but luckily, you can do that with these too... 

New from GHD is the Platinum Styler which have been designed to be a lot kinder to your locks and keep in your colour for longer. The clever technology built in also ensures the optimum temperature for styling hair is consistently maintained across the entire plate from root to tip, reducing hair breakage by over 50%. Pretty good huh?

I've tried other hair styling tools in the past and although the odd few have been good, most of them not so much. It really is a case of you get what you pay for and with GHD you can't go wrong, they're so worth the pennies!

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  1. I have these in the Breast Cancer edition, they are amazing! Love your hair photography :)


  2. I have GHDs but I swapped to a L'Oreal Steam Pod about a year ago and would never go back. I occasionally use my GHDs if I'm being lazy and can't be bothered setting the Steam Pod up but I can instantly feel the difference in my hair - it's coarse and fluffy when straightened with the GHDs, the ends look frazzled and it immediately goes wavy if it's wet/humid outside. My hair stays poker straight and soft with the Steam Pod and the ends don't break off so my hair grows at a much better rate as I'm not battling breakage.


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