Wednesday, 20 January 2016

5 Sure shot tips to include exercise in your daily life

Why is exercise such a dirty word among women? It has been found that women in general do lesser than 150 minutes of exercise per week, risking their lives in the long term. The reasons for this are neither new nor different: While some insist they can't fit exercise into their busy schedules, others feel frustrated at reaching a plateau, while others insist bringing up their families take up all their time. Whatever your reasons may be, it would help you to relook at your schedule, your health, physical fitness levels and try and include a bit of exercise into your daily schedule. Here are a few tips that actually work: 

Plan your exercise schedule and commit time to it: Plan your exercise schedule, taking into consideration all the exercises you want to do. If you don't have exercise equipment, you can use things around the house, such as water bottles instead of dumbbells or sturdy furniture like chairs that you can use to do squats. If you live in an apartment, you can use the stairs to go up and down instead of the elevator and you can also walk your dog. The point here is to increase your activity level. However, if you feel you need to exercise with proper equipment, you can go online and buy it using HealthMontlhy Voucher code 2016.

Add variety to your schedule: If you do the same exercises day after day, it's obvious you're going to be bored by it very soon. Before boredom can set in, you should vary your exercises. You can do this by increasing the weights you use or do yoga or jog about two or three times a week.

Drink a lot of water: If you thought water only quenches your thirst, think again. If you begin an exercise regimen, you need to drink sufficient water. With enough water in your system, you can perform all exercises efficiently while keeping dehydration at bay. It also prevents the body from injuries. If you're working out at a gym, you can always carry a bottle of water along, so you're always hydrated.

Put it all down in a journal: There are many good reasons for maintaining a record of all your exercise sessions. For one, it keeps you accountable and you can review all your mistakes with your trainer. Besides, all your small successes will keep you motivated and energized. Each time you review your performance, it will prod you to do better the next time. If you also record the food you eat, you'll be more aware of the food you eat and will trim your dietary habits so that you keepyou fit and trim.

Switch on the music: You can't exercise in silence and remain motivated day after day. You need something to pep you up, something like music. Music aids your energy levels and motivates you do repetitive endurance exercises without boredom setting in. You can play the music you like, if you exercise at home. Just let it pumpyou up to do your exercises well.

These few tips are sure to help you stay focused and achieve your exercise goals. 

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  1. It;s a vicious circle for me, I really have to force myself to exercise but surprisingly always end up enjoying it and feeling great for going, but then I completely forget that feeling when I need to find the oomph to do it again the next day!

    Jen xx

  2. I hate exercise but love it at the same time, once I get into it that is! I try to add some into my every day routine even if its just doing some squats while waiting for the kettle to boil or going up and down the stairs a few times.

    Charli | Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger at CHARLI B

  3. Love these tips, I am on a mission to drink more water, I've realised how little I sometimes drink, so im trying to be much more conscious.

    Jess x

  4. I've recently started exercising and although I hate it most of the time, when I've done it, I always feel a massive sense of achievement! Fitness Pal is also really helping me document what I'm eating etc.. x

    Christina Marie -


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