Friday, 14 August 2015


Week 3 on Slimming World has been shorter than the previous two as I was weighed two days earlier. I attended a wedding on Wednesday and I knew i'd be off plan all day So I didn't want to have 'I'm getting weighed tomorrow' in my head so I weighed on Tuesday instead, loosing another 1.5lbs for 5 days. Meaning I've lost 7.5lbs in 3 weeks and I received my half stone award! I'm so pleased! 

So on to what I've been eating this week. Breakfasts have been my usual fruit and yogurt and weekends bacon and egg on toast, or a cob. I'm a creature of habit I really am. As it's been quite a short week I've not really experimented with dinners and I've tended to stick to pretty easy and straight forward meals instead, but I did go out for food on Sunday and had a steak which was amazing as was the very naughty pizza I had last night. But From today though i am 100% back on plan and looking forward to researching some more dinners to try for the next week. I did make my Cauliflower Pizza one night though, I've not had it for a while so it was nice to have it again. I also popped up the Turkey Melts recipe on my blog too!

Favourite meal last week? Probably my meal out, well worth the 8.5 syns. 
Learnt anything new? Nothing comes to mind.
Complete last weeks aims? Well, i had two days off plan so didn't 'carry on' as such! But i had a great time at the wedding so i'm not being hard on myself.
Aims for this week? I don't have any social plans this week so my aim is to stay on plan 100% which should be easy. 
Any new dishes to try? I'm deffo making that Scotch egg which i didn't get to do last week.
Wanting to lose? 2.5 would be great, taking me down to a x ST 10lbs.

Week One -3lbs
Week Two -3lbs

Total loss: 7.5lbs



  1. Oh wow well done lovely!!! I got my 1/2 stone award last week (not sure if I put that on your last weeks update) but it's taken me 6/7 weeks to get there. I like that you're honest about being off plan too!

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  2. This is so good, although i want to try slimming world, but im not fussed with the weight, its my tummy size needing the change xx

    Leanne's Lifestyle Blog

  3. Well done! The food looks great and the portions definitely don't look like diet portions! x


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