Wednesday, 28 January 2015


New to Yankee Candle is their Pure Essence collection which consists of 3 fragrances, Aloe Water, Cassis and Shea Butter. I'm a massive Yankee Candle fan, I've lost count of how many I've tried over the years and I've always got one burning, at the moment it's Black Coconut (one of my all time faves!) so any chance to try some new scents I'll jump at! Aloe Water is a very fresh and watery scent, perfect for burning when you're having a bit of spring clean or first thing in the morning to wake you up. It very much reminds of the Essistanles Cucumber Clay Mask from Boots, it has that really clean feel to it. Cassis is made up of blackcurrant berries which you'd expect to be quite sweet but in fact it's actually quite sharp, which makes it again quite a fresh scent. Perfect for those who like fruity candles! Shea Butter is my favourite out of the 3, it's a very comforting scent which I find I burn more in the evenings to create a warm feel. It's creamy, soothing and if you like Yankee classics such as Clean Cotton, Sandalwood Vanilla and Fluffy Towels then you need this one in your life!



  1. oh i do love a yankee and would love to get the shea and aloe , thanks for sharing this x

  2. First of all, the photos are so sweet!
    The Shea Butter candle seems to be the nicest one, I'll have to go and smell this new collection soon because they'll be perfect for spring!

    Julia xx
    | http:/ |

  3. oh wow these sound amazing. I bet the shea butter is divine x

  4. These sound really nice and something a bit different than the usual popular scents, much nicer for people who aren't keen on the strong fruity/sweet scents! Shea Butter sounds lovely

  5. Shea butter. Drool! I'm a Yankee candle addict. Think I need to get these!

    life and lisa x

  6. I will have to try some of these, I've only ever had a couple and am currently on cheaper versions but I have an expensive addiction to their car air fresheners!x

  7. Where do you buy your Yankee Candles? They're so hard to find in stores in the UK! And I'd rather go in-store and smell them rather than buying online!


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