Tuesday, 16 December 2014


 Jumper: New Look Skirt: Glamorous | Bag: Urban Outfitters | Shoes: Glamorous

Here's another outfit from Hollins Hall, it seems so long ago since we visited there and after this i still have one more outfit to post! But anyway, on to this outfit. I was browsing Glamorous a couple of months ago and i was pretty impressed with how far they've come in the past year or so and fell in love with this skirt, it's totally my style and it was added to my basket straight away. I was also on the hunt for some higher boots too so i snapped these up. Although, after wearing my KG ones from this post these have taken a bit of a back seat, but i still think they're pretty awesome! There's 30% off Glamorous at the moment by the way! 

Last weekend myself and James headed down to London for the weekend. It has been planned for agessssss but if we'd have thought about, Saturday + London 2 weeks before Christmas probably wasn't the best idea! We stayed with his Dad who lives in North London and luckily on the Northern line, so we managed to get up to town and back pretty easily. We did the Natural History Museum (I've not done this since i was little) shopping on Oxford St (Hellloooo Forever21 with the rudest staff ever!) and Winter Wonderland. But not forgetting hiding away for a couple of hours in B Soho drinking cocktails from a jar and eating the yummiest Italian food. It was such the perfect weekend and i'm already counting down the days until our next weekend away to North Yorkshire in the middle of Jan where we'll be staying right here. How incredible does it look?!

Todays is my Mums birthday so we're off out for a meal tonight to Singhs in Nottingham, it's becoming a bit of a favourite of ours and i'm really looking forward to it. Can't beat some nice food with even nicer company! CHRISTMAS NEXT WEEK!

photos by Jenny Sneap


  1. Love the preppy look of the skirt, looks really comfortable! xo Romy rusty-revolvers.blogspot.com

  2. Damn girl! Those shoes are gorgeous, and I love them paired with the skirt. I am such a sucker for tartan, and I've been wanting some knee high boots all season.


  3. So cute Vic, you look fab x


  4. You look great x

  5. Hello foxy lady! Loving these photos :) It looks lovely, where you took them. The skirt is gorgeous, love it xx

  6. very cute



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