Tuesday, 7 October 2014


I've been wearing glasses since i was 6 years old, apparently i used to walk in to things (to be honest, not much has changed) and so my parents got it checked out. I was forced to wear a patch for what felt like forever and have tests regularly. Eventually glasses were prescribed and that was that. I went through phases of wearing them and not (they weren't cool back in my day!) but now i love them. They're a part of me and i wouldn't change that for a thing. During this whole time I've always been with Specsavers (oh gosh that's nearly 20 years) so when the time comes for a check up and for a new pair i booked with my local store. There was something different this time, i decided to try contacts. This was way back in March and after wearing them for this long i can confirm they're wonderful! I probably wear them half of the week and specs the other half. I try to look after my eyes the best i can and i do find when i'm tired and with the air con at work my eyes tend to get really dry but i have no issue with reaching for my glasses and swapping. 

As i am on the direct debit scheme for this i am entitled to a free or discounted pair of own brand Specsavers glasses (first 4 photos) which i think is incredible. The first pair are more rounded than my usual 'go to' style and they're tortoiseshell but i genuinely love them! I got a free pair but paid £10 to get the lenses squashed down. I have an incredibly high prescription so i have to do this otherwise they just look ridiculous! Even if i were to just buy the frames they're only £25, so really affordable if you're a glasses wearer and don't have a disposable income. 

The second pair (last 4 photos) are a branded pair, French Connection to be exact. With the frames and squashed lenses this came to £150 which again i don't think is unreasonable. I've always had the attitude that if you wear glasses every day and they're something you always have on your face then it's worth investing in. You have to have a pair you love and feel comfortable with then you'll be a lot happier, believe me!

I love my glasses, i love my contacts and quite frankly i love Specsavers . They're a brilliant company and i've never had single issue with them. Their staff are always really friendly, helpful and bend over backwards to fill your speccy needs! I'll probably have these for a couple of years now so it's nice to have two pairs to switch between. Which pair do you think suit me better?

photos by Jenny Sneap


  1. Love these glasses!! I bought a pair in Specsavers last year (I only wear them when driving etc) but I don't wear them all of the time. I prefer them to other brands and just such a fast, quick service that I couldn't fault! Lots of love for Specsavers!!


  2. I love the more rectangular ones on you :) they really suit your face shape!

    Glasses are so tricky aren't they? It took me MONTHS to find a pair I liked/could afford :/ xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

  3. Both pairs are so nice! I usually wear contact lenses everyday because I dislike my current glasses. I really need to buy a new pair though as I think it'll be easier for 9am starts when I'm late for lectures haha!

    Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  4. They suit you so much! x

  5. Wow these look really great on you :)



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