Monday, 19 August 2013


 Hat: Boohoo| Tee: eBay | Trouers: TK Maxx* Shoes: Primark  | Bag: Louis Vuitton

Hi everyone! First off i just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who sent me comments, tweets, emails etc about last weeks personal post. Your kind words really made me smile and i'm so glad that it's helped other people too! I also reached my 3 stone weight loss award last week so thank you again for those who took time to congratulate me. I know my blog hasn't been as consistent as it once was but it means so much to know you're still interested in what i'm up to, I've decided to make my blog more of a priority now and i'm planning on going back to posting 5-7 times a week, I've got lots of ideas in the pipeline so hopefully I'll back on top blogging form as of now! 

I've had a really nice and social week, i did something every evening and caught up with 3 people I've not seen in months/years. I spent Saturday afternoon with Tami and (not so) baby Isla! These two melt my heart and i'm so lucky to live close enough to pop over and see them for a catch up. Obviously with us both being bloggers outfit posts were inevitable, so big love to Tami for snapping these for me! I've been wearing my bargain £3.99 Celine replica a lot recently, probably one of the biggest bargains I've found this year, i love it!

Oh and in case you haven't noticed, i'm now a red head! Out with the old and in with the new shall we say.

Have a good week everyone, keep smiling!


  1. You look lovely. Love the hair - really suits you skin tone. You are inspiring me to keep doing what I'm doing (how fangirl does that sound?). xx

  2. Those trousers look so comfy! I keep seeing them everywhere, but not sure if I can pull them off. Loving the hair colour, and a massive CONGRATULATIONS on 3 stone loss. Amazing achievement :)

    Beth // SansSouci

  3. I've seen a lot of people with the top you're wearing, and I really want to get one! It looks lovely on you :)xo

  4. You look beautiful Vic! Your tee looks amazing with those trousers! xxx

  5. Your hair looks amazing Victoria. It really suits you!

  6. I really love your hair!
    Amazing outfit aswell & stunning pictures :)

    X Valérie
    I'm giving away TWO custom blogger designs! :)

  7. Love those trousers!

  8. I love those trousers Victoria! You look beautiful! Congratulations, by the way, you're doing so great! I haven't got the will power! You go giiirl!

    Gracious Silhouettes

  9. This is stunning - OBSESSED WITH THAT T SHIRT xo

  10. your hair looks awesome! love the trousers xx


  11. really nice casual outfit! and congratulations on your weight lost! i myself have started last week and seeing other people like you gettint the results they want makes me even more motivated!

  12. Congratulations on the weight loss that is a huge acheivement :)Really loving those trousers :)

  13. Love the pants!


  14. Fab look lovely, the print on those trousers looks great with the Celine tee and bowler hat. Also, loving the colour of your hair!

    Elizabeth x

  15. Really liked the post last week! Loving the outfit today- those trousers are great
    Daniella x

  16. I love this outfit! The trousers are amazing!
    Madeleine || Madeleine In Wonderland


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