Monday, 17 September 2012


Lookbook | Chictopia
Jumper: Missguided*| Top: H&M
Leggings / Hat: Primark | Boots: eBay
Clutch Bag:
eBay | Bracelet: eBay

Hello everyone! It seems like it's been forever since i last wrote something personal~ on here! I seemed to have taken a bit of an unannounced hiatus last week, but i was starting to feel really unmotivated and a little shall we say 'blah' about my blog so i thought it would be best to just step back until i found my love for it again. I think it's very easy to be very critical of yourself and feel like what you do isn't good enough, but then i just have to remember that i was blogging silently for about 10 months before even one of you started to read it so i just need to stop worrying about what you guys want to see and just blog whatever the hell i want because well, i can, right?

Anyway, on to the outfit which I'm sure you're much more interested in. How amazing is this jumper? I'm so in love with it! Missguided have totally out done themselves on their A/W collection, it's all so perfect! They've very kindly offered one of you lovely lot a £50 voucher to spend on site. All you have to do is comment showing me what your favourite items are from the 'New in' section which will make up an A/W outfit. Giveaway will be up for one week and don't forget to leave your email in the comment so i can pass it on. I can't wait to see what you pick!

Even though it's only Monday I'm already counting down the days until Saturday, which i am now naming Vipxo day! I haven't been shopping since June, and believe me it's long over due as Leeds is so good for shopping. So i've decided to totally have a me day and treat myself. Mainly on Primark comfy socks though, they're the best! I'm also getting my hair done. This is really exciting and nerve-wracking(sp?) at the same time to be honest. It's been 3 years since i last went to an actual salon to get my hair done, I'm massively protective of it. It's not like I'm just getting it chopped either, I'm actually having quite a big change! So if you never see my face on here again, you'll know why.

So jealous of everyone at fashion week! I wish i could be there but normal life just gets in the way sometimes. But I'm loving everyone's coverage and the online shows. Hope you all have a good week whatever you're up to!

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  1. That jumper is soooo nice! Looking gorgeeee as always x

  2. You look absolutely adorable! Your hat and jumper are the bees knees

  3. You look amazing in that gorgeous Miss-guided jumper, and love your hat!

    My top five fave A/W items from Missguided are: - This beautiful trench coat, practical yet very chic. - I need a bit of tweed in my life and this shift dress doesn't disappoint! - I'm still a little addicted to jersey tops and this burgundy colour is so on trend for A/W! - Love the simple shape of this shopper and the nude colour will be hot for S/S 2013 too! - Love the tassels on this top, a little bit western but not too cowboy!

    Those are my picks from Missguided!

    twitter: @HeidiNagaitis



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  6. How adorable do you look all ready for autumn! Perfect colour combos and I always love that hat, looks so snug and comfy.

    I would love to enter the giveaway, what I would chooose is...

    Jacket -

    Blouse -

    Jeans -

    Boots -

    All about the denim/leather/studs combo! :D

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  8. I'm loving jackets with different material sleeves at the moment so I'd have to say this;
    It's gorgeous and something slightly different to the parka with leather sleeves everyone has :P. Even though I love that I like to be a bit different.

    I'd pair it with;


  9. You look lovely as always! Love all the rose gold accents! & I'm mega jealous of everyone who's been at LFW too!

    I LOVE this blazer I'm really into khaki at the moment :)

    & these tights are really cute too:

    oh and these wedges! :)

    my email is xx

  10. my favourites from the missguided new in section are:
    skull chain tassle blouse

    suede stud chelsea boots

    tweed sleeve leather jacket

    perfect items versatile for day and night!

    e-mail: ox

  11. I LOVE the Sarai Studded Leather Jacket, would wear it paired with
    Adelinde Galaxy Drop Armhole Vest
    Enny Lace Print Leggings
    Hislin Leather Spike Inward Curve Boots :)

    love your blog! :)

  12. I love misguided's latest collection too.
    My favourites are


    Love your blog mine is

    and my email is


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  14. you look stunning as per! I have the same hat and I find it a struggle to style it, and you've styled it so nicely! All the colours compliment each other gorgeously! :D & that lipstick is such a gorgeous colour!!

    amazing giveaway!

    I would style these ankle boots

    with this black shopper bag

    and the gold metallic jeans

    with this burgundy jumper

    with this collared shirt in black underneath

    Aimée x

  15. Great give away, I love misguided too! I'd choose this blouse,
    with these black jeans,
    with this tweed jacket,
    and these Tan Ankle boots,

    Daniella x

  16. You look soo cute!

  17. love love love missguided!
    mine are..

    and theres plenty more! great giveaway xx

  18. Wow that jumper is so nice, they have some amazing Autumn clothes I love these...

    and this dress is stunning:


  19. I love your hat! It's so cute!
    My Misguided choices are:
    The Evangelle Jersey Leggings in Red - Such a great Fall colour:
    The Beverley Loose Knit Jumper in Black - Love the mesh look:

    The Alais Stud Biker Boots - SO CUTE:
    The Kazy Skull Clutch Bag in Black - Love the sequined skull:

    twitter: taylahjoyce

    What a great giveaway!

  20. You look lovely, I love your jumper. Can't wait to see what you do with your hair, I bet it'll look gorgeous! I would love to enter your Missguided giveaway, here are a couple of my favourite AW items from the 'new in' section:
    Contrast Shift dress -
    Spiked Wedges -

  21. PS, my email is:

  22. The Vincenza Shopper Bag is gorgeous! :)

    francivusk at hotmail dot it

  23. I would wear this tibea skull vest top

    With these esme high waisted skinny jeans

    And this gretel light khaki jacket with leather sleeves

    and these clotilde suede stud embellished boots

    And finally this kedia plaited shopper bag

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  25. Addicted to your blog. You're a bad influence on
    My shopping but in the best possible way

    Missguided have so much I want but for this I would pick
    Rossa gold tweed sleeve leather jacket... Need this item
    Ferna baroque panel leggings
    Kalia skull chain tassel blouse
    With Aurore suede studded slipper shoes in black

    All of these are DIVINE!


  26. i looovvee your studded jumper! i cant wait to see what your new hair looks like too :)
    my faves from 'new in'
    would have to be

    polly slippers

    adelie boots

    and the norah star jumper :)

  27. Ahh your outfit is getting me all excited for Autumn! I agree the Missguided new collection is fantastic, lots of pieces I'd love to be wearing this Autumn.

    My top picks are this tweed arm leather jacket

    with this embroidered cross skirt

    and this beaded bralet top

    paired with DM look-a-like boots
    for a grunge night look - to wear to a gig.


  28. Totally agree with you, their new in stuff is lovely! My favourites are:
    and :)

    My email is Thanks for the giveaway chick :)

  29. You always inspire me with your outfit posts :)

    These items from Misguided are my favourite, and so, they will form my most desired A/W outfit:

    My email is:
    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  30. HI Vix, I love the studded jumper on you - I seem to be getting really into studs at the moment so the first thing on my list from the site would be these wedges, which I would wear with ANY outfit this autumn!

    Then I'd layer this brocade (yay for another season of brocade!) blazer :

    over this black dress:

    What do you think?


  31. I love the jumper,your hat is gorgeous too!

    I would wear the Tonia Sheer Lace Dress
    with Pracey Suede Chelsea Boots
    and the Akali Heart Suspender Tights
    and the Lacey Trench Coat With Leather Sleeves
    on top!

    lottie x x

  32. Great giveaway! this is what I would choose

    what do you think? e-mail is


  33. The jumper is gorgeous on you! Enjoy pampering yourself too :)

    Beauty for Biochemists


  34. You loko amamzing, love the jumper! My fave item in the New In section is: Leather Stud Skater Skirt

  35. Wonderufl outfit!

    My favourites:

  36. Ooooh so many nice things!!
    Basically the below for a house party - night out..

    Seraphine Khaki Shirt

    Betlinde Sequin Trousers in black

    Polly Glitter Slippers in black

    Vincenza Black Tote Bag

    I have done a post with all of my choices together in piccy form, I'M IN LOVE!

    Email is

  37. You look lovely! i love this outfit its very Autumnal the jumper is gorgeous x

  38. Loveee the jumper!! :)

    jacket -

    Top -

    Trousers -

    Boots -

    Bag -

  39. I'm loving all of those baggy jumpers or t-shirts with the studs on them! Great outfit you pieced together, by the way :)

  40. I really wanted the sequin clutch after seeing it on your eBay finds, but now I've seen it in this outfit post I want it even more!
    Love the hat too, knew I should've bought it last year! :(

    My Missguided choices would be:

    Bralet -

    Embroidered cross skirt -

    Tweed and leather blazer -

    Black shopper bag -

    Wellie chelsea boots -

    Would be such a cute outfit! :)

  41. Great Giveaway :)

    I love the Bobbie Studded leggings! I am addicted to studs at the moment so they would make a great statement piece.
    Also I love the Norah Star jumper. Perfect with the studded leggings for the colder weather with the Rosella Suede Wedges to make it more dressy casual!

    Oh now I need all these in my life haha


  42. Gorgeous outfit and smile
    My favourite items from Missguided

    Never actually shopped on there before, they have some nice stufff.

  43. Yeah I've noticed missguided have a lot of lovely things in this Autumn (been having a mooch while planning what to buy at the end of the month!)

    Love this camo jacket, this skater skirtand this blouse.

    (although maybe not worn together!)

    Sam xx
    P.s. love your hat, looks soo warm and cosy!

  44. My fave A/W picks from Missguided are;
    this gorgeous Nesmin Red Tweed Sleeve Leather Jacket. The colour of the sleeves is really on trend and the mix of textures will bring such a nice look to the simplest of outfits.
    I would pair it with this Florence Knot Front Dress. This dress is really simple and versatile. It can be dressed up with heels and some gold jewellery or worn with tights, boots and a jacket.
    The shoes HAVE to be these fabulous Samuela Stud Ankle Boots. I don't really need to explain my choice with these, JUST LOOK AT THEM!
    To top off the outfit, I would choose this lovely Vincenza Shopper Bag. It's such a classic looking shape, and big enough for me to be able to fit all my uni stuff in it.

    I love Missguided!

  45. So happy you have got the sequin clutch on show!! been eyeing it up since you last posted it on an ebay wishlist but have had some bad luck with ebay products recently, so I've put off purchasing anything else :( now I've seen it, I am hunting it down and adding it to my basket asap haha!

    you look stunning as ever, excited to see what hairstyle you have soon! XOXO

  46. You're gorgeous!
    My favourite items are:

  47. love this outfit! you look absolutely freaking gorgeous. that jumper is perfect. i'm tempted... but totally on a spending ban. waah life is hard! haha xx

  48. Hey, fab post and nice to hear you are getting back into the swing of blogging! I love your ebay wishlists they make me spend a fortune!!!
    I also would go for that jumper you are wearing, in fact i have been eyeing it up for a while!
    Email is

  49. This outfit looks lovely on you!
    I'm a huge Missguided fan so I couldn't resist entering your giveaway :):).

    I'd love to be able to own these items:

  50. Ooh very exciting giveaway, would love to win this, I'm a big missguided fan!

    My current faves on the 'New In' section, that I think would make an awesome outfit are:

    Amazing studded boots:

    and this gorgeous floral dress!

    Fingers crossed :) xx

  51. ahh you look so lovely, i am super super jealous of that gorgeous jumper right now as i sit freezing cold! love the studded detail :) ahh i LOVE shopping in leeds, it is the best! it's defodefodefo worth the hour drive! :)xo

  52. Love this giveaway it's so much fun :D

    I would wear this gorgeous coat:

    with this tassel top:

    team it with this lovely burgundy skirt:

    and top it off with these classic black wedges as i'm a shorty and need heels to look tall and glam:

    email is:
    twitter: fashion_interns



    With these amazing shoes

    this lovely dress
    Milly x

  54. Such a lovely jumper! Really liking their collection at the minute :)

    My favourites are these :


    Styled with a khaki blouse and some statement jewellry :)

    email is:

  55. Ah, I really like the jumper! Perhaps I could do it myself...hmm! ;)

    As for the missguided collection, I think I'd pick:

    Lunna Stud Shoulder Razor Back Tee

    Embroidered Cross Denim Shorts

    Adelie Suede Stud Ankle Boots In Black

    Difficult to stop on just one outfit...haha! They have great stuff there, don't they?

    Great giveaway!


  56. Just saw this outfit on Missguided Facebook page. So jealous of not being at fashion week either :(. Job searching overules, boo.

  57. I really, really love your jumper!

    This military shirt is just perfect


  58. Love the outfit, especially the jumper it's so cute!

    My top 5 items from the 'New In' section are:

    :) xxx

  59. This comment has been removed by the author.

  60. you look as lovely as always and that clutch is stunning!

    my fave autum buys are

  61. Found a few things I'd love!

    I'd match these together:

    also loving this jumper though:

    my email address is

  62. aw that is such an adorable outfit, i loovee winter clothing!!

    my favourite pieces from the missguided website atm are:

    thanks for the awesome giveaway and i love your blog!

  63. Oooooh LOVE that jumper! And the shoes are ebay?? Good ol'ebay :) you look fab Victoria! Great competition too, I'll probably have a little browse and leave another comment later! x

  64. I love this outfits, that jumper looks great on you!
    My favourites from missguided:


  65. That jumper is gorgeous!


  66. This comment has been removed by the author.

  67. It's really refreshing to hear you say that you were 'blogging silently' for 10 months, as I think I'm in this start-out period myself at the moment. Just got to keep on truckin' I suppose (:

    For the giveaway:

    I'd choose this dress as I love the mossy green colour:

    Wear with these boots- as they are the type of style I live in day to day, and non-leather which is perfect for me:

    Cosy up in this cardigan:

    And shove all of my crap into this bag:

    Then finish off with woolly tights and a snuggly tartan scarf, voila.

    my email address is:

    my blog address is:

    Emily x

  68. i follow via GFC my name is "alittlebitofluxury" my fave items are:

  69. you're so damn adorable <3

    FAV item:


  70. sorry, the other item wasn't 'new in' this one is. :)

    happy blogging xx

  71. Great jumper, I'm actually going to buy a jumper and then try and stuf the shoulders myself! You look amazing!


  72. I'd go for...

    These shorts (with some thick black tights, with it being winter!!)

    With a bright blouse, to make cold rainy days less boring!

    I really love things with leather sleeves at the moment, so this coat would be fab


  73. They are so on form this season! Have perved over things alot. I'm obsessed with all things burgundy and peplum, so love this and this Also adore this jacket. So perfect for autumn chilly days

  74. I really enjoy the way you write! Real life often takes over things such as fashion week - I totally hear you! You look great in your outfit too!

    Abi x

  75. Beautiful as ever!

    I adore knitted jumpers and this batwing jumper: be amazing. I love Autumn and winter, putting on layers and bundling up is the best bit!

    Amanda xo

  76. I love this OOTD so much. The jumper is incredible.

    My favourite items from Missguided AW12 are:

    Rissa Gold Tweed Sleeve Leather Jacket:

    The Catrin Blouse with Jewelled Collar:

    And the Luisa Peace Sign Acid Wash Vest:

    Although I could choose so much more than that, I will leave it there so as not to spam you!

    My email to enter the giveaway:

  77. Honestly, my favorite item from the new in section is the jumper you're wearing! It's perfect! I also really like the avery stud biker jacket - I've been looking for a similar one for ages!

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  78. I love love love everything about this outfit!!

    My dream A/W outfit made up from the new in page consists of a rather large list but I love it anyways :)

    good luck everyone!

    Also your vipxo sounds like a much needed day of r&r, enjoy it!


  79. Great look Victoria :)
    Love the clutch

    PS: Illustration is on the way to you. Let me know when you receive it.

  80. The A/W New In items I have chosen are: - This comfy, cosy batwing jumper. A warm jumper is always a necessity in the colder months. - Paired with this pretty purple skirt. Of course this outfit would be worn with black tights and will be loving this look this A/W. - I have fallen in love with jacket. I love the new trend of leather mix jackets. The gold sleeves on this one is gorgeous and would go with every outfit. Also gold and black is perfect for A/W. - Lastly I have chosen these black heeled boots. These again would go with everything and a pair or ankle boots is vital every year. The height adds some (much needed) height and the stud detailing toughens up the cute outfit.

  81. Love that studded jumper and matching bracelet! Just bought myself one from ebay too. :)

    I love these leggings!

    would probably style it with just a basic tee (or probably jumper! This weather! )

    and these boots!
    Kyrie x

  82. Just saw your tweet about this, what an amazing giveaway! Just had a look on their website and my top picks for a autumn outfit areeeeeee -

    I love this top as embellished collars are very on trend at the moment and this burgundy colour is perfect for autumn! I think it would look amazing tucked into the jeans I have picked below :)

    I’d pick these jeans because I am obsessed with Khaki for the Autumn and you can’t go wrong with skinnies!

    I’d pop this jacket over the top to finish the outfit off. I love how it has the mix of tweet and leather – It remins me of the very popular army/leather jeackets that are everywhere at the moment

    In love with these cute little studded ankle boots – I featured some almost identical in my top picks for autumn wishlist, they are gorgeouuus!

    This shopper bag would finish my outfit off perfectly – it’s very Zara!

    I now officially want everything on their website haha!! I agree, they have totally out done themselves this season.

    Good luck everyone :)

    x x x

  83. I love the jumper its so cute! lovely colour.

    I just picked one cause i think its very important to have a dressy top so i chose the 'Arianna Stud & Mesh Panel Tee In Black' as it can be worn both day and night

  84. Katika Dogtooth Bodycon Dress and Aurore Suede Studded Slipper Shoes In Scarlet should make for a stylish statement.

  85. I'm jealous of your jumper! It's lovely, casual but the studs make it that lovely.
    I'm loving this giveaway - certainly like doing a bit of online browsing! My outfit would be:

    with these jeans:

    and these killer shoes:

    and just in case it gets a bit chilly, I'd throw this over it:



  86. Ah you look lovely Victoria - especially with the wee little grin! The hat is fab - I really want to get one for winter xx

  87. Love your outfit :)

    For the missguided comp I would pick:

    I'd tuck the front of the shirt into the shorts and leave the fringing hanging down under the jacket :)

  88. Hi hun, don't ever feel blah about your blog, it's fantastic :)
    What a brilliant giveaway, my favourites are :

    such nice pieces ! xx

  89. I'm trying to step out of my comfort zone post baby so have opted for this :)

    AnnMarie Stud Collar Blouse In Khaki -

    Beverley Loose Knit Jumper
    Beige -

    Hannsil Wrap Over Asymmetric Skirt In Burgundy -


    Poula Suede Wedge Boots -

    They've got some gorgeous new items!



  90. You look lovely in these photos, Victoria!
    I'd have to pick the following

  91. So many pretty things on the website!
    My A/W outfit would be:
    Stud Leggings ( - Taking the classic black legging and adding a edgy twist, who doesn't love studs?!
    CrossBlouse( So pretty and on trend!
    Bag ( - very pretty and extremely practical in size!
    Shoes ( - Studs again! Defiantly starting to see a trend forming here...
    Jumper ( LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! Perfect Autumn colour and the collar of the cross blouse can pop out.

    Such a fun task!


  92. My A/W outfit would consist of:

    Love this outfit, and thanks for the giveaway! xx

  93. They have so many gorgeous things, so i reduced my favourites to three. (:

    1: Jacket with leather sleeves.
    2: the jumper you bought too.
    3: this gorgeous jacket

    Love the outfit you're wearing!

  94. 1) Jumper
    5) coat

  95. You look amazing! Love the jumper


  96. So obsessed with that jumper, it's amazing! It is definitely hard to pick from this collection as love anything with studs and dark colours but I would say my most favourite items would be:


  97. You look amazing on these photo's. I totally agree, missguided have outdone themselves, so good at the moment!

    My entry for the giveaway is here..

    my email is

    P.S good luck with your hair, I'm so scared of changing mine so I can see how its nerve-wracking!

  98. I have to say before anything else. I bought this jumper off of ebay and this has been featured on both Lavish Alice AND now miss guided... its a bit odd! I got it for cheaper off of ebay!

    So warm and comfortable isn't it <3
    I love MissGuided, I've been wanting to order off of their website for ages!
    Tweed is a must have for this fall season, and boucle style jackets are a favorite for me <3
    This is a go to bag right here, fashionable, practical... what else could I want <3
    Burgundy is the it color for this season. I think it would look really good paired with that tweed jacket
    Pair them all with a good pair of jeans and you are good to go :D

  99. i couldn't possibly choose between this beauty
    or this one


  100. I love the jumper and you are gorgeous!

    My A/W outfit would be:

  101. I love that jumper, it's amazing, the colour really suits you too.

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  102. I'm in desperate need of some warmer clothes now summer is ending, so these jumpers definitely jump out at me;

    I'm also loving this dress!


  103. Oo great giveaway :) I think I would choose a daytime outfit for the autumn days ahead:

    Red Jumper (maybe a bit bigger than usual size for an oversized look) -

    With a collar poking out the top -

    With some acid wash looking denim shorts (Wooly tights probably required!) -

    and some high top trainers as I am feeling brave and I haven't tried them but they look cool! -

    And you're blog is anything but 'blah' - it's great and I love reading it :)

  104. Love the studs and sequins! Don't but from Missguided due to their sizing but anyway I'm more bothered about your outfit pics! xo

  105. Love this outfit, the jumper is lovely and contrasts perfectly with the metallic top x

  106. My favourite outfit on you. You suit browns and golds so well. I adore the jumper and clutch!

    Laura xx

  107. Thank you for the giveaway, your outfit is amazing! You look like a propa super star! :)

    My favourite item Is the camouflage jacket with leather sleeves, and also the black version of the jumper your wearing!


  108. When it comes to A/W Boots are a must have and can be central to the outfit.
    I'm loving these studded ones,


  109. I love love love the Black Giorgina Studded Jumper, Markiza Chunky Cable Knit Jumper In Multi and the Maura Grey Melange Skater Skirt.

    This is such a great giveaway.

    Email -

  110. I love your outfit, shall I say outfits, you always look amazing.

    Thank you for the giveaway, I think I'd have to say that Id team
    this cable knit jumper in Multi

    with Black skinny jeans and these chelsea boots
    as I've wanted some ankle boots like these for ages but thought topshops were a little over priced and these look super waterproof too!

    Thank you!x


  111. Love that clutch!

    There's so many nice things I could spend on that site but my faves from the new in sec are:

  112. Great giveaway!
    My favourite pieces from the new in section would have to be:
    - this interesting take on a leather jacket..
    Red tweed/leather jacket

    - this checked shirt (love the studs)..
    Checked shirt

    -Finally these great studded ankle boots
    Ankle Boots

    HannahMay xo

  113. I love your hat, it looks so warm and cute! :)

    My two favourite items from missguided right now (there's way too many to choose from) are their crop tops and their studded jumpers:


  114. What you say in this post is really appealing to me, I (also) love fashion but I think that creating a quality blog can turn a bit hard sometimes, because you have to post everyday or almost everyday if you want to get noticed, and also read a lot of critics which is not bad, but somethimes people are just too impolite. Anyway, I just love your blog, your style and what you write so keep on doing whatever makes you feel good :)
    This is my choice from , I think it would look gorgeous with black leggins + biker boots :

  115. Love that studded jumper, it looks lovely on you!

    My favourite bits from the Missguided site have to be;

    This jacket -

    Which I would wear with these trousers -

    And this shirt -

  116. I'm also a huge fan of that studded sweater, khaki looks amazing with berry tones which I'm obsessing over this A/W. My other fave pics are:

    This tweed blazer -

    Rockstar dress -

    & Geek tee -

    Spoilt for choice! <3

    The Style Rawr!

  117. P.S tara (at) xoxo


Thank you so much for taking the time to comment XO

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