Wednesday 20 June 2012



You know sometimes when a beauty product comes in to your life and you wonder how on earth you lived without it? At first it was the MUA Heaven & Earth palette (review here) and then it was the eBay blush palette (review here) and now it's this little gem from Accessorize. Last month they had an event down in London to show their new collection which unfortunately i couldn't attend, however a very lovely lady called Maggie sent me some products to review and this 'Lovely Day' palette was in the very generous package she sent.

I'm a big fan of palettes, as i like to mix/blend my colours i find it's easier to do so when i have a palette in front of me instead of single shadows. I find I'm more inspired when i have a good range of colours in front of me too. This palette has everything i want in it, if i could pick a palette to represent me and my favourite colours to wear this would be it. You have your darker shades which are perfect for a smokey eye and the lighter shades perfect for highlighting/blending. There's a brilliant range of matte and shimmer too which is also good to find in a palette and all the colours are very rich in pigmentation and texture. Overall i think this palette is amazing, i actually don't know what else i can say apart from 'you need to try this yourself!' as this post hasn't done it justice at all. You can get Accessorize products at Superdrug.

I'm sorry i haven't got any swatches, the pictures i took was rubbish. But i was thinking about maybe doing a video about this palette at the weekend if anyone wants to see it in person? As always, let me know!

Have you tried this palette? What do you think?

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  1. I love the array of colours in this palette, even the brighter ones look really wearable! xx

  2. Ohh, looks lovely!
    I've just posted a new review on my new blog, come take a peek?!

  3. This looks so great and its such a good price! :) xx

  4. This palette looks lovely! I'd love to see a video with swatches! xo

  5. This palette looks so pretty! I would love to see a video and see some swatches :) xx

  6. Ok I need this in my life, colours look gorgeous x

  7. Looks like a fab palette and really good for the price! I'm a massive fan of the Heaven & Earth one too, but like the green shades in this one!


  8. I went in to Superdrug today to take a look at this and it was on offer fro £5.95! I snapped it up!

  9. love the packaging, i really do need to try it! i love the mixture of palettes and i too prefer palettes to single eyeshadows! xo

  10. I looove the colours. I've also been seeing this everywhere! Fate?

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  11. Such a stunning palette!
    I need one of these asap :)

  12. The colours of this palette look lovely, I love a palette that has a range of matte and shimmer colours, it makes it so much more practical. I'll definitely have to try this!
    Jessica x

  13. i usually stick to super neutral eyeshadows but the colours in this are so wearable! i love it :)

  14. I never think of buying make up from Accessorize, this looks like a nice palette though so would be interested in the review!

  15. I love the new Accessorize palettes. Such good value. I've got to get one!


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