Tuesday, 8 May 2012


BB Foundation £4*

I like to keep my blog a nice and happy place, so when I try a product I don't like I don't usually give it any 'limelight' and just stick to telling you about the ones I do like. But this post has been requested a lot, so I think it's only fair I give it my full attention. When I tell you I really wanted to love this product, I honestly did. MUA Cosmetics is one of my favourite make up lines and I can't big up their eye shadow palettes enough, so I was totally expecting amazing things from this product too. However, this just wasn't the case. I first tried this product a few weeks ago now, and my first thoughts were it's very thick. Like it's thicker than a lot of my foundations and therefore it's very difficult to blend, which then ends up not actually blending in well at all. I don't like feeling like I have make up on, but with this product it felt like I had another layer on my face and it was just really uncomfortable for me. This feeling didn't go away either, there were odd times when I would take it off as soon as I could because it just didn't feel nice. I've used this product about 8 times now and I just really can't love it. The only positive thing i've found is because of it's thickness it's great for coverage (if you can blend it in!) and it'll last for hours. But unfortunately the negatives out way the positives and this is something I won't be using again. Like i said, i've used this product a lot so to see it in action just look at recent Fridays Face.

(Please note this is just my personal opinion and experience. What doesn't work/feel nice for me could quite possibly be the best product for someone else.)

Have you tried these product? What do you think?

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  1. I've seen you've been using this in your Fridays Face and thought you liked it, so glad you feel the same as me. It just feels sticky? I've tried to make it work but it's gone in the bin x

  2. Such a shame, I was looking forward to trying such a cheap BB cream. Oh well! Thanks for the honest review. you praise MUA a lot, but the same as most brands, they can't get everything right!

    Kyrie x

  3. I tried this on Sunday afternoon to test before deciding if I wanted to wear it out, and it's SO hard to blend compared to my usual BB cream. Really thick as well, and the colour was a little off for me! xx

  4. awh thats disappointing! il not be bothering with this either then... come check out my blog tooo please! <3

  5. I think sometimes it's good to write about something even if you don't like it. I almost ordered this the other night but was waiting to read your review actually! I'm glad I didn't get it because I don't like feeling like I'm actually wearing make-up either! xo

  6. hahah funny enough I really like this BB cream! its actually good coverage and works so well with the real techniques buffer brush!

  7. Kind of sounds awful really! I expected BB creams to be quite light and almost more like moisturiser(maybe I've read that wrong somewhere!) but I think its great that you gave an honest opinion. Theres nothing worse than a blogger backing something for the sake of it.

    Samantha xx

  8. Thats such a shame, I haven't got on with my garner BB cream either.

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  9. Such a shame that it is so thick, I really don't like thick products on my face ! xx


  10. I went to go buy this BB cream, because I was really intrigued by them but there wasn't any in Superdrug. So instead I looked in Boots and bought the 17 BB one instead - and I love it. It blends in so easily and gives a nice natural look, but what I like best about it is that it provides a great base for other products. My blusher/bronzer and everything just look better on top of it!!!


  11. I bought the light shade and didn't have any difficulty in blending it, maybe it depends on what shade you get. It says on the website that it is a foundation/bb cream so that's probably why it's a little thicker than other bb creams! Love MUA eeyshadows :)


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