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Ahhh the GHD, also known as the holy grail of hair straighteners. I remember when hair straighteners became really popular and i spent my babysitting pennies on buying some really rubbish ones which made my hair straight for about 5 minutes. Then GHDs came out and they just took the hair world buy storm! I bought my first pair, the exact pair in the picture above, over 6 years ago now and they're still going strong. I don't actually use them that much now, i prefer my natural curls and tend to say away from heat products as much as possible. But for those days when your hair just really isn't complying, these are perfect for a quick fix! Because of the temperature these reach it takes no time at all to have poker straight hair! I think these are such value for money, the fact mine have lasted so long is a great example of that.

Click here to see the results of the GHDs!

For years and years I'd used my GHDs for hair curling (they're pretty good for that too!) and then just started tying it up in a bun to give natural curls. But last summer as my graduation was approaching, i didn't want to leave it down to chance so i decided to invest in a curling iron. I did some research online, and as these became popular amongst other bloggers i thought I'd go for it. I only paid £20 for them and bought them from this seller and they are worth every penny. These do get incredibly hot, which means they give quite tight curls, they will stay put if you use some sort of product, but i like to let them which gives them a really nice wavy look. This wand is great for every day use and it doesn't take long at all!

Click here to see the results of the Babyliss curling wand!

I was very kindly gifted this Jumbo Weaver a couple of months ago now and I've certainly got my use out of it. The results i get from this last days, i mean literally a whole weekend. You can control the temperature which then varies the results, i usually have it on the hottest setting as it gives my hair some great volume. The only downside i have is that it's quite heavy, but then it is a lot better compared to the other two and the plates are quite large. This product is a little pricey, but if really in to styling products then i think it's a great investment. The prices varies from site to site, so if you shop around i bet you could find a deal somewhere. I use this weaver most when I'm going out as once it's done you don't have to sorry about it! I really do love this product and I'd love to try heated rollers next!

Click here to the results of the Jumbo Weaver!

If you would like to see a demonstration video on any of these then please let me know!

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  1. My ghd's have lasted six years too, and I adore my Babyliss conical wand :) xx

  2. Do more affordable flat irons damage your hair more then GHD products?

    What is the difference between affordable flat irons and a flat iron from GHD?

    Thank you :)

  3. I love my GHD's even though I should try not to use them so much! The enrapture weaver sounds really good :)

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  4. remember the days before hair straighteners when u had to get someone to iron ur hair with an actual iron? or was that just me lol?
    Holly xxx

  5. I very rarely straighten my hair too but today it's poker straight! I prefer my lovely conical wand by miles though, I love the tight curls and loose waves it can give x]

  6. Great round up :) xx

  7. i really want such a weaver and the babyliss one. :) they look great and you can do so many different styles with them.

    xoxo FlirtingwithFashion

  8. I also had some pretty crappy straighteners first and they took so long to heat up and didn't really work!
    I much prefer a natural look now though, and I do love my (sister's) Babyliss conical wand!

    I'd love to try the Enrapture range, especially the heated rollers!


  9. I have the babyliss curling wand and I love it! I curl my hair and it lasts for days and days if I do the whole head, and is also good for when I leave it natural but need to neaten a few straggly bits! I've been looking at the enrapture products but wonder if it is worth buying them when I'm happy with the babyliss wand? xxx

  10. Love my GHD's they're the only things that curl my hair, that last all day. But need to try the waver product as well! Lovely review x

  11. My GHD's have lasted years as well, best investment i've ever made. I really want to try one of the curling wands, everyone seems to love them x

  12. I remember buying my first pair of decent straighteners-they cost £100 but last almost 10 years so a worthy investment really!
    XO Amie

  13. Ahh i love my GHD's! I cant see myself using anything else now! :)
    Iv had them for like 4 years!

  14. i use the curling tongs. they get flipping hot, my fingertips get burned a lot!
    they're super quick though. xx

  15. great reviews! i really want to try the babyliss curling wand! i think i will now x

  16. 100% cant live without my GHD's the best investment i ever made.

    Beckys Makeup

  17. I am pretty lucky that my hair dries with a natural wave so I try not to use heat tools too often. My tools of choice are my trusty GHD (Over 3 years now) and the Remington Pearl Wand!

    joanne from

  18. My BaByliss conical wand is amazing!
    But you can't beat the volume you get from rollers.


  19. Hello :)
    I would totally recommend the Enrapture heated rollers, I find it soo hard to curl my hair with either the wand or straighteners so the heated rollers are a god send for me :)

    Couldn't live without them!!



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