Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Fashion designer Giles Deacon has teamed up with New Look to bring you a brand new beauty range for their high street/online stores. The collection has a wide range of beauty products from mascara, lip gloss, false Eyelashes, highlighter, bronzer, blusher, eye liner and nail polishes which i was lucky enough to try. Here's what i think about then...

New Look - Gold By Giles Polishes £2.99 each*

Colours:: A nice range of colours from really rich shades, brights and then this seasons pastels.

Drying time: They were pretty average, I’d say 10mins was the maximum with 2 coats. The lighter shades took a lot longer and needed more coats as they went on quite patchy to begin with. The darker colours only needed one coat and seemed to be thicker in consistency.

Wear: I tired the baby blue shade first which lasted a full two days without any chipping, but when it did start to chip it would come off in chunks, not just the odd bit. By the end of the 3rd day it had chipped so much I had to take it off. I had similar problems with the other lighter shades too. However the dark red and blue lasted a lot longer, but still continued to come off in large bits.

Packaging: I really like the square bottles and lids, the 'Gold By Giles' is a really nice touch and it's very sleek and simple. I have found the square lids tend to get stuck on the lid underneath so you have to take the square lid off to open the polish which is quite annoying. It's only happened with a few of them though! The bar code/price sticker is right over the back of the bottle so you have to break (or remove) the label to open the polish which leaves a tacky mark.

Price: £2.99 each

Overall: I think these polishes are ok, they're certainly not high end but for only £2.99 you get what you pay for. I will be using the richer colours again but I had too much hassle with the pastel ones with their drying time and consistency. Personally I think these polishes would be best suited for those who like to switch up their colours a lot and change them a couple of times a week. I think the beauty collection looks great and i will certainly try some other products, I've got my eye on the lashes and bronzer. They're all so reasonably priced too which keeps in with New Looks affordable fashion. I would give these polishes 3/5.

Have you tried these polishes? What do you think?

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  1. Love the bright blue colour, gorgeous.

  2. is it suppose to say dying time!?
    I lve the minty coloured one :)
    Laura x

  3. ooooo some really nice colours there!
    Holly x

  4. Some really nice coloured nail varnishes, love the pastel lilac colour- very on trend


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  6. That navy blue polish is absolutely gorgeous! I might have to grab that x

  7. It sounds like the lasting power is very similar to that of MUA nail polish! At the end of the day you can get Barry M nail varnish for £2.99-£4, I would rather buy those, which stay on without chipping (on me at least) and don't require a top coat as they are glossy, than try these which don't sound like they would suit me at all! Great review, really detailed. I was considering trying some Gold by Giles but now I know that I wouldn't be happy with them xo

  8. I love the colours so shame about the formula x


  9. Great review :) xx


  10. i find a lot of pastel polishes are tricky with consistency and drying, such a pain cos they always look so nice! LV x

  11. i got drawn to these in new look a while ago and bought a gorgeous coral/pink colour, but it needed 3 coats and chipped after just 1 day. such a disappointment considering the good colour range!

    would much rather pay the extra pound or so for a barry m/ rimmel polish


  12. All the colours look lovely :) x

  13. Such lovely colours! May have to give these a try!

  14. wow love all the colours!! xx


  15. love Your blog! You are really amazing person! greetings from Poland! ;]

  16. I love that orangey red colour, but it's a shame they're not great quality. I'll stick to Barry M!

    missluxurylifestyle.com x


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