Monday, 9 April 2012


(built up layers to show colour intensity)
Blush by 3 - Lace £10*

I'm really loving blushes at the moment ever since purchasing my 'go to' palette from eBay, but recently another absolute gem has popped in to my make up collection and this time it's from a brand new collection sleek have released which gives you a choice of 5 different palettes featuring matte and shimmer shades. Each palette is totally different in colour, which gives you the option to have totally different looks. The one I have is called Lace which is more pink/coral toned with gold shimmer in the middle one. The other palettes are called Pink Sprint (I would say this was more purple and all totally matte), Pumpkin (varied palette from bright orange to pink with a coral shimmer which is very much like Nars Orgasm), Flame (very rich red tones with two shimmer colours featuring gold and silver) and Sugar (matte tan & burgundy colour with gold speckled brown in the centre) so as you can see, a range perfect for everyone! I love this palette because the wear you get is amazing, hours late the colour is still just as bright and is still where I put it! These colours are perfect for spring/summer and just like Sleek says, perfect for going from day to night with ease!

Have you tried these blushes? What do you think?



  1. I have bought a few new blushes and I am developing an obsession :) I need to get this palette. Great price for 3 colours.

  2. I'm really excited for these sleek blush palettes! They look SO pigmented :) x

  3. Oh my, I love the blushes from Sleek, especially Rose Gold! They are so pigmented, amazing. I don't use blush, always bronzer, but I think I'm gonna try the Rose Gold one. :)

  4. I love the look of these palettes, and they're really good value for money xxx

  5. I keep going into Superdrug to get one of these palettes but they never have it in this colour set! :( x

  6. I've tried Rose Gold (the orgasm dupe) and really like it, can't wait to pick one of these up! x

  7. Loving the middle one, the others look a bit too dark for me ! xx


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