Thursday, 12 April 2012


A selection of my favourite outfits from the show on Tuesday, if you like any of these items head over to the Missguided site as the majority of them are already online!

I've been a big fan of baroque/chain print for a while now so i was really pleased to see Misguideds take on it! I really like the soft pastel colours in the first and last outfit which gives the print a really feminine look. The coloured tops in red and blue are just asking to be clashed with some other bright colours, I'm thinking hot pink or neon yellow!

A really simple set of looks which are perfect for our typical British summer when the weather changes from one thing to another in a second. These cute light weight jumpers are great for those cooler days when you want another layer!

If you've been following my blog for a while you'll know I'm a big fan of block brights. So this set has to be my favourite for that very reason! I really like the block colours in each outfit which have been put together with other colours to make totally on trend for this season. By teaming a different colour accessory to the outfit you'll be really complimenting your outfit and will totally change the look!

A totally Nautical inspired set and perfect for spring/summer! We see the typically traditional navy theme going on with the main colours being navy, white and stripes. This trend is perfect for everyone and can easily be dressed up and down depending on accessories/colours.

A great selection of Swimwear which compliments all shapes and sizes. Some items aren't yet available on site but keep an eye out because i think these are going to be so popular! I really like the maxi skirt and bekini top, perfect for days at the beach and the high wasited shorts are great for curves!

Which outfits are your favourites?

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  1. the flamingo jumper - I'm in love! xx

  2. Never really been that into Missguided, but oh my gosh this collection is fantastic !!! Wish they had a shop :(

    Glad you had a lovely birthday :)

    Laura xoxo

  3. LOVE that flamingo jumper! x

  4. I love the scalloped jean shorts.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Hope you had an amazing birthday! I love misguided tooo much!

  6. Wow amazing outfits ! Such a colourful ! I am looking forward to summer clothing ! :)

  7. I love the navy play suit with what looks like a scallop neckline, so gorgeous! and the stripy one piece swimming costume! so, so lovely! xx

  8. I'm loving the flamingo jumper and chain print shorts :)

    Jo. xx

  9. That flamingo jumper!!!! Drool much. Sorry but I just want everything off their site at the mo, it's so well priced too. I have seen a few bits that I think I will be getting soon. It's great to see a show as it's nice to see photos that are not staged, as sometimes on sites things look great you get them, and they are crap. Love this collection xxx

  10. Ooh, the first couple of scarf-print things have me intrigued!

    x Michelle |

  11. I love this post! Hope that you enjoyed your birthday :)

  12. love love love the blue striped shorts! xx

  13. your photos look amazing! there are some lovely things xxx

  14. They are all so gorgeous! Loving anything with stripes at the moment, such beautiful stuff, so going to check out the website!

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  15. thankyou from the bottom of my heart for coming ! x


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