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This is the third in the beauty series and this week I'm showing you my most used Mascaras from high end to high street. I use all these mascaras for all different purposes and looks. I would highly recommend using a curler with your mascara as they make all the difference!

This has got to be my all time favorite mascara, it does everything i want. It gives me length, volume and long wear in equal amounts. It's my day to day mascara and i honestly can't imagine not having it in my collection now! I've bought numerous amounts of these and I'm pretty sure i will continue to for a while. The price for this product varies quite a lot depending on where you get it. I get mine from an eBay seller for £6.90 so if you're interested please go here or get yours here!

BLINK&GO £12.95
I use this mascara when i want them to to be really thick and intense black. I find this mascara makes my eyelashes quite heavy if used on its one, so i usually use the sleek one first and then go over with this. It does take a while to dry, so i wouldn't use this if you were in a rush but it's perfect for when you've got time to apply! It's my favourite to use when I've got a dark/smokey eye. I really do like this mascara, it took me a while to like it after receiving it in a previous glossybox but I'm glad i stuck with it. I would say it was worth the money and i would certainly purchase another when this runs out.

Get yours here!

I was really lucky to have received this one in my New Cid goody bag from the event i attended back in January and it is a lovely mascara. I wouldn't say it was better at adding length than volume as it has a nice balance of both. The only problem I've found is it does dry quite quickly and it does have a plastic like smell. But it's not enough to stop me using it! It is quite pricey and I'm actually really indecisive about whether it's good value for money, it does a really good job and it's lovely to use but i can't say i would buy definitely buy it when this runs out!

Get yours here!

This is a lovely little mascara which i use for my bottom lashes. The brush is really small so it's perfect for those lashes you can't quite get to and because the brush is so small its great for separating lashes. I really do like this product and I've used it ever since i got it in a previous glossybox so it's starting to run out now. I do think it is quite expensive considering it's a lot smaller than a normal mascara so i don't think I'd re purchase it. I would like to shop around and find a similar product for a more reasonable price.

Get yours here!

This one is perfect for adding length and separating lashes. This is my mascara for for those minimal/natural make up days when I'm wearing neutral colours. I think it's actually really good value for money and it's a nice day to day mascara to have in your collection.

Get yours here!

What's your all time favourite mascara? Have you ever tried any of these before?



  1. I use the Loreal Volume Million Lashes! It's proberbly my all time favourite too! Although i had a YSL one a couple of years ago and loved that one too. I may get another one - £6.90 isn't bad at all! xo


  2. loreal volume million lashes is my all time fav! been using it for over 6 months now and i still love it just as much as the day u got it.. and 6.90 is brilliant! shame its in brown x

  3. Lovely blog post! I hardly ever wear mascara because I have natural dark, thick and long eyelashes, and I can never be bothered to take it off.. So I only have a Primark mascara and two Miss Sporty ones..

    - Olivia xx

  4. was thinking of getting the l'oreal one...really glad you wrote this review :) perfect timing :)


  5. I'm always on the lookout for a new mascara but haven't tried any of these! I really want to try the loreal volume million lashes. My favourite is Diorshow Iconic.

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  6. I have the volume million lashes too, although It's the blue eyes version. Its great for everyday as its more subtle than ann intense black.
    For a night out, my favourite is probably Loreal Lash Architect 4D :)
    Makeup for Biochemists

  7. I'm definitely going to try the Volume Million I've heard such good things!

  8. I love L'oreal volume lashes and it really lengthens my lashes but I find it smudges really easily. I'm currently using L'oreal false lash telescopic mascara and found that is as good! X

  9. l'oréal million lashes has recently become my favourite as well and i raved about it on my blog a month or so ago! i usually hate rubber combs but after my boyfriend bought me this for christmas i thought i'd give it a go and was completely swayed! amazing length and volume! best mascara i've ever tried, b far, step aside benefit bad gal! great reviews x

  10. maybelline the falsies is my favourite mascara of all time! i'm not huge on makeup but it does everything i'd want in a mascara and everyone i know loves it :) xx


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