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This is the second in the beauty series and this week I'm showing you my most used eye shadows from high end to high street. I use my 120 palette and 88 colour palette a lot too, so if you want to read reviews and see which looks i've created then please click here and here.

The quality in this quad is amazing, each shadow is silky and it blends beautifully. This is the one palette i carry with me in my make up bag as the mirror is a massive bonus too!It is pricey, but I actually think the more I use it the more value for money it is. I've done a full review on this product, if you want to read more please go here.

Get yours here!

This grey eye shadow is perfect for when I want an every day dark eye but without being dramatic. Having a dark eye is a favourite of mine and I've tried my fair share of everyday dark colours and this has to be my favourite. Obviously because it's MAC the quality is top and it's very long lasting which is a biggy for a dark eye, you don't want to look like you've just smudged your mascara or anything! I like to use this as a base for when I really go to town on a dramatic eye as it gives the really intense dark colours something to stick too.

Get yours here!

BARRY M '11 BLACK' £4.50
The intensity of this black is perfect for the ultra smokey eye. Like all Barry M dusts they're so easy to blend and you can really get your wear out of them. A little goes a long way and i find these posts to last for a really long time. I've bought lots of these pots before and i have over 20 in my collection so i really do think they're brilliant value for money. The colour range they have is amazing too, imagine any colour and i can promise you they'd have it!

Get yours here!

BARRY M '1 SILVER' £4.50
I must admit I very rarely use this eyeshadow because the pigmentation is just crazy! It is like pure glitter and if you don't apply it correctly it ends up half way down your face. But, for a smokey eye it is amazing and makes it pop and for that reason it's one of my favourites.

Get yours here!

BARRY M '24 OLD GOLD' £4.50
A lovely pigmented gold dust perfect for the every day look but with that little bit extra. It's very fine in shimmer so it doesn't look over the top but gives that sparkle. I like to add this in the outer corner of my eye over a cream shade.

Get yours here!

This has got to be the best value for money palette there has ever been. 12 colours for £3, i mean who wouldn't want that? This palette has been doing the rounds for months in the blogging world and I've done a full done a full review here if you want to read some more. This palette has been in my make up bag since i received it and i take it with me wherever i go purposely for the fact i can create so many looks with it. I totally recommend this palette to anyone who likes a natural eye look and for those who like to experiment!

Get yours here!

What's your all time favourite eye shadow? Have you ever tried any of these before?



  1. I can never find the Heaven and Earth palette and want it so much! Although to be honest I mainly just whack a bit of eyeliner on and leave it at that because I'm incredibly lazy.

    Emily Wears Things

  2. Both of those palettes look really good, I just can't get my head round 12 colours for £3!
    Barry M dazzle dusts are my lifeline for nights out, they last so long and I love different colour smokey looks!

  3. i'm definitely tempted to get the MUA palette!!

    great post :)


  4. I suppose I'm more of an eyeliner girl but I the little Barry M pots, the amount of colours they have is amazing! The mac looks really gorgeous too.

    Think I'd wear eyeshadow more if I was any good at actually putting it on!

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  5. I really want the heaven and earth palette xxx

  6. I bought Heaven and Earth yesterday, havent tried it yet! But for £3 I couldn't say no! The colours are beautiful. I love the look of 'Choc Mocha' too but I think £21.50 is too expensive! x

  7. wow £3 whats amazing. MUA you may have tempted me. xo

  8. I just found your blog now. No idea how I haven't seen it before because it's ace! So glad I found it. I'm following you now and I'm looking forward to reading lots more from you :)

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x

    Come say hey at Ducklingtoswan.com!

  9. This makes me want to dig out my Barry M dazzle dusts! Also really want the heaven and earth palette! x

  10. i haven't tried any of these but have naked pallette and i love them!

  11. Love the look of the heaven and earth pallette, I keep hearing great things about MUA but am yet to try any of their products! Think this might have to be my first :) xx


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