Wednesday, 22 February 2012


If you read my IMATS post you'll know that i managed to pick up some goodies from Illamasqua. It's been a few weeks now and I've had chance to try all of these products out, so here's what i thought...

I got this foundation in a really light shade because on the days where i want to wear a lot of bronzer tones i don't want to look orange. It's not a look i like, nor does it suit me, so this foundation isn't an everyday one, but it's certainly one for when i want to wear a lot of make up. It's a really lovely formula, very easy to apply and it gives me decent coverage. This foundation will last me a long time as like i said i won't be wearing it everyday but I'd be certainly happy to try another shade in a more everyday colour.

I was SO excited when i first saw these liquid metals and they were the first things i added to my basket, the colours are totally me and I've been really getting in to cream shadows recently so i was very excited to try these out. But i must admit I'm a little disappointed, after a short time of wear the colours started to streak on my eyelid and it looked really messy. I used a primer too which made it even more annoying. The colour pay off is amazing though, very rich and true to colour (the silver is full of sparkles) so that is a good thing but i just wish they were better formulated. I don't know if it's just me, or it's the way I'm applying them but i really wanted to love these and i just don't. I'm glad i only paid £10 for this and not the usual price because i would of been really annoyed.

This is the new~ blogging favourite as all the girls i was with at IMATS picked up this little beauty and have been testing and reviewing it on their blogs too! I've never used a cream blush before, i just got it in to my head that they would be really hard to blend and would end up looking like i had a block colour on my cheek. But I've been using this for the past 2 weeks now and i really like it and to my surprise it does blend really nicely and it's very long lasting which of course is what you want from your blush! I add my Look beauty shimmer blush over the top just to add a bit of shine.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on these products if you've tried them, especially the liquid metal eye shadows. I am really happy i had a chance to try these products and i would certainly re purchase the blush again, try another foundation shade and give the liquid metals another go. Fingers crossed i learn to love them!



  1. I bought the cream blusher in the exact same shade at the ClothesShow in December and I love it! It's easy to build up and get the effect you want whereas with some powders I've used before I've always ended with too much on! I got it for £5 as part of an offer and when it runs out I'd be tempted to buy it at full price. I've hardly used any though, it definitely goes along way! This was my first Illamasqua product and I want to try more [: xx

  2. I have never tried Illamasqua products ! But I loved reading your thoughts on these products especially since I love cream formulations ! xx / @ClayAndBeauty

  3. The blusher looks lovely. I'm still obsessed with my Topshop one in Neon Rose, but I only use it when I have a lot of time to get ready because man, I mess it up so easily!

    Emily Wears Things

  4. I really want to try out some Illamasqua products, defo going to have to after seeing this. Love the colour of that blush, so pretty! xx

  5. That cream blush is a gorgeous colour! I've never tried a cream blush myself. I'll have to see how you get on and then get one for myself!



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