Thursday, 2 February 2012



This is the second palette i now own from Blush Professional and just like the 120 colour palette I've shown you before, this one is just as good. Blush professional have called it the 'Hot Earth' palette which is the same as the Coastal Scents 'Mirage' palette, but for a fraction of the price (they charge £25+) The colours in this palette are a mixture of matte and shimmer with some frost tones in there too. I would say there was more shimmer than matte, but because of the colours i think that works better. I would suggest this palette would be most suited to those who like natural colours, smokey eyes and every day natural browns. I'm a big fan of these types of palettes, they're so versatile and the range of colours they give you makes it easy to create a whole selection of looks.

Here's an example of looks I've created with my 120 palette... ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE, SIX, SEVEN and come back tomorrow to see this palette in action on Fridays Face!



  1. I must say they seem really 'you' colours!..I have one of the Costal scents palettes and a blush palette but hardly use them as they aren't my colours but this one seems to be more like the colours I'd use. I haven't heard of Blush Professional before so thanks for this review, really handy :) xx

  2. pallets are really cool and practical :) i have two :)

  3. Ooh I love the colours on this, will need to check it out! Such a bargain too x

  4. This palette look amazing! The colours all look so gorgeous. Love all of your looks too! xx

  5. £8.99! That's soo good! Lovely colours too x

  6. I love how these kinds of pallets look but when I buy them I find the colour choice overwhelming and it then just lies neglected around my room. I just stick to the Naked pallet but this seems really good value for money

  7. Bloody hell why so cheap!?! This is amazing!xxx

  8. love the blues/purples to the far right :) looks like an amazing palette, how can it be so cheap?! x

  9. I found this exact palette for $13 on eBay, I'm so happy because it's cheaper than Blush Professional and I absolutely adore those colours!



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