Tuesday, 3 January 2012



''Made to be played with. A metallic, high-shine, pure-colour powder that highlights eyes, cheeks and brows. Mix with eye shadow, blusher or use it on its own to intense effect. Bring out your bold side.''

I've had this pure pigment in my collection since receiving in my Glossybox way back in July. I swatched and wore it once and then pushed it to the back of my make up box and to be honest, i totally forgot about it. It wasn't until i was doing a make up clear out not that long ago, i found it again, thought I'd give it another go and I've loved it ever since. It's a really lovely light product that just adds 'light' to an eyeshadow colour. I really love it when I'm doing a smokey eye as it lets me have my dark colours but doesn't make it so intense. It works really well as a highlighter too! Unfortunately, Illamasqua have now discontinued this product which I'm really disappointed about because i would probably buy it again. But after doing some research I've found there's a pigment called 'Breathe' which is a pretty good match!

Apologizes for not having a picture of this product in action. My computer got wiped a couple of weeks ago so i lost all my pictures and as I'm currently away so i can't take a brand new one. But if you're interested in seeing it let me know and I'll take one when I'm back!



  1. what an interesting colour..!
    like it:)

  2. Aww man I really wanted to buy this product...why must companies discontinue all the good stuff



  3. Would love to see pictures of it in action!

    I'm new to blogging and would appreciate it endlessly if you took a quick look at my blog! Please and thanks :-)

  4. Oh, so terrible to hear that you lost all of your photos! I would actually love to see this in action, it seems like a really great product. I love Illamasqua. <3 :)

  5. Love the look of this! Wish it was available to buy!

  6. It's a shame this is discontinued, looks like a good product! I'd love to see a pic of it 'in action' xo

  7. I'd love to see an action pic too! It sounds great xx

  8. I've always heard of darkening lights, but not so much the reverse. I love Illamasqua products, though. x

  9. Hmmm, sounds interesting! I'm a fan of brightening products!

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net


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