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I first heard about MeMeMe products when I saw a post by Jennie last week and I thought it looked like such a sweet bundle. I went to check out their other products and I was really pleased to see there was a really varied collection. So when an email popped in my inbox the next day asking if I’d like to review a something I very happily agreed. I decided to go for the Coral makeup set as coral make up isn’t something I would usually buy. It also comes in pink, red. and bronze.

The first thing that attracts me to this product is the packaging. You can tell a lot of thought went in to the design and there’s a lot of little details which makes this product stand out (I’ll mention more on that later) the box is also a really great size for storage. It would be perfect for brushes, hair care products and jewellery.

This is my favourite product by far, It’s actually a very light colour which is a plus for me because it means I can bulild on the colour for a more intense look. It’s such a beautiful colour and it’s more matte than shimmer which is another plus for me, I like to be able to blend my blush and I find some shimmer ones it’s a little hard to do as they seem to go everywhere. But that could just be me?! The packaging is again lovely, the box contains 8gs of product, a blush brush and a mirror under the lid. I really love this blusher and I’m going to include in my every day make up box.

This lip gloss is a little thicker than I would like, I don’t like my lip glosses to be overly sticky and I feel this one is. But then to be honest I am quite picky when it comes to lip glosses so you could feel totally different. The product has a lot of shimmer in it but it’s certainly not over the top, in fact I would say it’s the perfect amount to add a little shine to your lips. The colour isn’t that intense which for me is a bonus because it just adds a little shine over the top. I’ve found this product to be quite long lasting, but that’s probably down to the thickness. The packaging is really cute, there’s actually a mirror on one side of the bottle and there are two little LED lights on the wand lid which is a really lovely touch. This lip gloss isn’t really me~ but i would recommend it to those lip gloss fans out there, I’m deffo more of a lipstick girl.

This nail polish was different to the one in the picture on site, but I’m pleasantly surprised by that. It’s a really lovely summer colour and it’s very true to the bottle. It was really quick drying too and can easily be layered up to get a more intense colour. I only applied one coat and I’m really pleased with the coverage. Bottle contains 12ml of product.

Overall I’m really impressed with this collection, it’s beautifully thought out and the packaging is just a massive seller for me. The products are suitable for all ages and all skin types and I think this item would make the ultimate stocking filler!

What do you think of MeMeMe products? Do you own anything from the collection?



  1. these are all really cute products!


  2. I've had the blusher in that shade for a while and absolutely love it too :) The MeMeMe gift sets are absolutely lovely and I might have to try some of their nail varnishes soon having seen your review.

  3. This is such a lovely set, all usuable products in good colours and the packaging is gorgeous which always helps!


  4. I love Mememe!I own a few of their nail varnishes and they're amazing!

  5. Oooh I love this post. I'm getting the pink set and I'm even more excited now to check it out!

  6. I've never tried any MeMeMe products before, but this looks like a really cute gift set. I'm a big fan of coral makeup, definitely tempted to order this for myself!

    Gillian x

  7. Looks like a really nice set! The packaging is gorgeous!

    - Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  8. the nail polish and blush are such nice colours! i feel the same about lipgloss but might have to invest in one of these boxes! x


  9. This looks a lovely set, i really like the packaging :)

  10. I've been tempted by their blushers before, the packaging is just so lovely!

    Penny x

  11. That blusher looks gorgeous!


  12. Ooh I love the blush, such a pretty colour! The packaging looks amaze!
    x x

  13. never tried any of the MEMEME products but i think you may have just sold it for me!! going to order the set as a crimbo present for myself

  14. I've never tried any MeMeMe products though I have spotted them in Superdrug. The blusher had caught my eye and I am in the market for a new one and after this I might just purchase it :) I also don't like shimmery blushers but mainly cause I find them just a bit too much :/ x

  15. love the light up lipglosses i have a couple <3


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