Saturday, 8 October 2011


So I got an email wayyyyy back in August from a company called Whooga asking If I would like a pair of their alternative UGG boots. The email came at the perfect time because I’d recently been on the hunt for some alternatives for my stay in Canada. I’ve never owned a pair of UGGS before, a few years ago I had some cheapy ones from Primark but they only lasted a few weeks before falling apart. I must admit UGGS are not my thing~ I really hate the whole ‘crop top, leggings and walking sideways on to your uggs’ look, so but alas, I was after some anyway so I thought why not. I picked the Classic Tall Chestnut Ugg Boots and they were with me in 2 days. I wore them a couple of times locally back home, just to get a feel but like I said the main purpose was for Canada. They didn’t look right on me at the normal size (I have very short legs) and I could feel it being a little tight with jeans so I rolled them down to show the fur lining. This was much more comfortable to wear!

I’ve waited until now to do my post about them because I wanted to give a genuine review if they’re to be considered as an UGG alternative. The boots are beautifully made and the lining is soft and comfy and I get the impression they’re long lasting. I wore them for my flight over here and they did my feet a world of good. I was comfortable, warm and they’re lightweight too which is always a bonus with shoes. I’ve worn them a couple of times now over here because it can be a little chilly in the morning/night and I recently wore them when we went to visit Mount Washington (pictures to follow on Monday & Tuesday) so i really feel i can honestly say they're a fab pair of boots. I really hate the look of UGG boots after a while, the sagging at the back really isn't atrrative so i'm going to keep these boots for the odd ocassion when i want total warmth and comfort. I really do reccomend these boots if you're after an alternative and they'll be perfec for winter. They have a wide range of styles/colours to choose from so I'm pretty certain you'll find a pair perfect for you! I love my boots, and I've definitely been converted!



  1. These look lovely and warm :)

  2. the easy go-to boots for winter time. i get why people get so fussy about not liking them, but they're crazy for not owning a pair when your in sweats and you have to trudge out into the snow to the grocery store or to class.

    they're comfy and quick, not something fashionable.

    i love that you waited to write the review, so many bloggers just rep free things no matter what.

    i always enjoy your posts!

    alissa b

  3. Oh they look lovely, so comfy!! I love how cosy and warm these type of boots are :) xxx

  4. i love wearing uggs when its cold, but like you said, not too much!

    Sophie ox

  5. These look SO cosy, at least you found a comfortable way to wear them in the end - they look good rolled down slightly so you can see the fluffy part :)

    Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs

  6. It is worth splashing out on real Ugg boots as they don't sag or crumple at the back- I've had mine 3 years and they're still going strong when the weather gets nippy! Cheap ones from the high street only last a few weeks and get that horrible sag!

  7. They look like a good alternative to Ugg's. Hate it when the cheaper ones start to sag and fall apart so quickly! x

  8. good/real uggs shouldnt sag or give the walking sideways look!

    Mine have lasted for about 4 years now and i wear them alot! and its safe to say they have worn down evenly and havent gone saggy or sideways lol

  9. whooga give a lot of their boots out to bloggers and reading all their reviews inspired me to buy a pair last year. they were really poorly made compared to my uggs and they had major flaws so i needed to return them, but whooga wouldn't refund me the cost of postage which was about £25! i'd say emu or bear paw are better cheap alternatives than whooga as they don't TRY to be uggs, they're sheep skin boots in their own right.


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