Monday, 26 September 2011


Lookbook | Chictopia
Dress: QVC | Belt: Peacocks
Bag: Vintage| Shoes:Primark
Braclet: Monsoon c/o The Look Show
Lipstick: ELF 'Gypsy'

I love this dress, it isn't something i would usually go for which probably makes me like it a lot more. It has a real vintage look and i think the length is really flattering. As soon as i saw it i thought of Kelly and her amazing vintage wardrobe!

I can’t believe I’m leaving for the airport in like 14 hours, my Dad and Matt are taking me (probably going to make me more sad though) to Manchester. I’m flying to Canada via Amsterdam which doesn’t really make much sense as I’ll be going forward to end up going back (that makes sense right?!) and it makes the journey just over 13 hours. But I’m hoping to make the time productive and try and get some articles done for work. I land at 10pm UK time which is 2pm Canadian time, so it’ll be a very long day! I know I’ve got a window seat which is amazing, so hopefully I’ll be somewhere decent and able to get some pictures. I hope they put a good film on too! So with that, my laptop, my kindle and ipod I shouldn’t be toooooo bored! Watch me sleep the whole journey now!

I’ve been doing all the last minute bits today, i popped in to town to buy some new pjs and ended up picking up a matching tracksuit for the flight (I know, mega lolz) a new make up bag, underwear, socks and hair bobbles. It all came to £45 which shocked me a little, damn you Primark for upping your prices!

I have so many posts planned for when I’m away it looks like I’ll be posting every other day which is fab! I didn’t realise how many posts I had waiting to be published until I went through them all yesterday! I’m also going to be doing a teeny tiny giveaway too which is going to be live tomorrow. So hopefully I’ll still be around as much as I am now.

So next time you hear from me (after tomorrows little post) I’ll be 8 hours behind and about 5000 miles away. Wow, that’s kinda scary! If you want updates on what I’m up to feel free to follow me on Twitter! I really hope I don’t get home sick, and I really hope I don’t come home to find that Lily has replaced me as her BFFOREVZ2K114LYFE!

Ohh just a heads up before I go, today is the last day I’ll be accepting payments for October ad space. Any after today will not be put up until November! So click here if you’re interested!



  1. Such a beautiful outfit, you look stunning! Have an amazing time in Canada! xxx

  2. You look stunning, such pretty colours in that dress. Can't believe your Canada trip has come round so quick, have an amazing time! x

  3. have a great time in Canada! love your dress.

  4. Have a great time in Canada, looking forward to reading all about it! :) xx

  5. It's a really bold statement pattern, it looks fantastic paired with those shoes too and not forgetting that belt!

    I've noticed Primark have upped their prices, if I see something I think 'ooooh that's a bit pricey for primark!'

    Hope you have a fantastic time and a safe journey!

  6. Beautiful dress, you look fantastic. Just found your blog, and I love it!! :) Hope you have an amazing time in Canada, I lived there when I was little and my dad lives there now, in Alberta, it's such a beautiful country. Wish I could go! xx

  7. How exciting! I hate that feeling when you leave the ones you love though - when I went to live in Australia for a year, the worst bit was going through to passport control and waving goodbye to my family! After that though, it's fine. Try to enjoy the flight!!

  8. Ooh, I adore those Primark flats. The dress looks beautiful on you Victoria, a great find!

    Mollie xo

  9. Love the colours in you dress, have a fab time in Canada!

  10. gorgeous dress, the lipstick colour really suits you too!

    have fun in canada! xoxo

  11. Lovely *

  12. Great outfit ! Both of your dress and shoes are amazing !

    ♥ , Riim

  13. LOL I've only just seen this post, when I saw that dress I thought OMG I WANT IT then saw you said it reminds you of me! Ha, you look gorgeous xo.

  14. i love the print on this! gorgeous!

    Annah xx


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