Saturday, 16 July 2011


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Accessories/top/shoes: Primark | Trousers: ASOS

The top and hat are both recent purchases of mine and altogether cost £5.50. A bargain some might say. I’ve never worn hats, never thought I had the face* for it but I’m pretty happy with this one, but I can’t deny the fact I’m still lusting (somewhat obsessively) over a 1970s inspired floppy hat! Paying £20+ is however not even an option so I’ll keep on wishing about having the perfect 70s wardrobe.

I went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter the other day and words can not describe how emotional it was. I mean at one point I wanted to sob uncontrollably and scream ‘’NOOOO THIS CANNOT BE IT’’ but alas, I resisted the urge and carried on trying not to have a breakdown in the middle of the cinema. Over the top? Yes. But Harry Potter has been in my life since I was 11, it’s hard to say goodbye to an old friend. I could go on about how much it missed out, how it didn’t do the book justice etc but I’m too sad at the fact it’s all over. It was visually beautiful though, the production team deserves every penny this film makes. I'm going a little Tumblr crazy with HP reblogs, and i've just been balling my eyes out at video i've just posted. Honestly, i'm a mess.

Now that we have the Internet I can’t help but want to spend money, I don’t know what it is but I just want everything right now, which is a horrendous thing to do considering I don’t have a job and I’m ridiculously skint. I’m on the hunt for a graduation outfit though (I’ve allowed myself that one spend) and I think I’ve decided to keep it plain with a simple black dress. Now I’ve got to find the perfect* one, which will probably a mission in itself. So far I’ve found this little number but I think for the time being I’ll keep on looking. The inner chav in me has wanted to be released ever since I saw these blingtastic shoes. I can’t even explain how much I want them. Ok I can, A LOT!

Looks like you all love a good sale considering you’ve been snapping up the last of my shop items. I would have liked to have sent all your goodies today but the envelopes I ordered haven’t arrived yet! I under estimated just how much you would want. For those who are still after a bargain, you can still get 50% off with the code ‘MUSTGO’ (not available for add space though!) I’ve found some absolute beauties I want to re stock with, but it’s going to break the bank at over £120! Now I’ve got to flip a coin with the whole ‘Do i? Don’t i?!’ in mind.

For all you beauty lovers out there, I’ve found an amazing new website (well, new to me) and it’s based in the UK which is amazing because you can buy all the Coastal Scents palettes (the one I have in my giveaway) of course they’re under a different name but they’re the same and so much cheaper, like a crazy amount cheaper.

So now I’m waiting to the rain to stop pouring so I can walk to the shop and pick up some goodies for this afternoons showing of HP1 and then behind the magic. Told you, I’m not ready to let go yet.



  1. I love your top.
    I went to see Harry Potter yesterday and totally agree about how beautiful it was, I really want to see it again to appreciate it more.
    I'm also not ready to let go and will definitely be watching behind the magic, it feels crazy now it's all over.

  2. I still havent watched the last Harry Potter - defo going this week! And your outfit looks lovely - love the trousers xx

  3. Love your name. ;) What a cute blog you have too! This outfit is really nice! Love it. I don't think many people are ready for HP to end yet. aw. I didn't watch any of the movies until the first 5 movies were out, then I read all the books which are so amazing.

    You've been featured at and will be featured again this weekend at my personal fashion blog at

  4. Victoria! You look bloody amazing, I love your new outfit posts & seeing your whole outfit. Beautiful girl x

  5. Lovely outfit - the trousers are actually really amazing and a great colour!

    I adore your hair!

  6. ah those shoes in primark?! they look amazing.
    those blingtastic shoes are crazy! but kind of cool at the same time. I like that dress, definitely a classic you can wear again yo.

    katex x

  7. victoria you look wonderful in that hat! the last picture is gorgeous, you look like a model. i love your shoes, i bought them the other day but am too scared to wear them yet incase they rub! xx

  8. Great look! I LOVE your pants!!! Nice bag too=)

  9. I'm totally in love with your blog..This outfit is very nice! I love your hat! Take a look at my blog:

  10. You look lovely! I ordered some rings from you, so excited to recieve them!

    Hope you recover from your Potter trauma!

    Love Amie

  11. I love the colours of the shirt with this pretty colour of the pants, it all looks so nice with your complexion and hair!

  12. I love this outfit! I was the same when I saw Harry Potter! Can't believe it's all finished! Love you blog :) x

  13. Love this outfit! The trousers are such a nice colour. Although its not the most obvious choice, my sister recently got a lovely black graduation dress from M&S, so take a look there (the limited collection bit i think it was!) x

  14. this is lush. i feel your pain, i am a skint recent graduate and unemployed too. as for graduation - enjoy it its over too quickly. Look forward to seeing what you opt for.

    Helen, X

  15. I love how well all the colours go together! Love your blog too. XX


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