Monday, 18 July 2011


’ I'm going on holiday to the south of France in a couple of weeks and although I'm not fat I feel so horrible in a bikini. I have really small boobs but I'm not stick thin and my stomach definitely isn't flat, and to top it off, i'm ridiculously pale what can i do to feel better rather than let my self consciousness ruin my holiday? ’

I understand totally where you’re coming from, getting in to a bikini would be my worst nightmare right now, but I wouldn’t let that ruin my holiday. The best thing to give yourself confidence is to find the right swimwear. There are loads available right now for all different shapes and sizes and pretty little dresses/smock shirts that can be worn over the top to give you some extra cover. I’ve tried to find you some garments which will give you shape, suppor and still be flattering. You'll also be showing off your fab curves too!

Enjoy your holiday! Try not to worry too much about how you look! You’re there to having fun and enjoy the sunshine!

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  1. I like the third swimsuit best and kaftan's are a life saver x

  2. I would go for nr 2...xx

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  3. Love the swimsuits and this is some great advice! x

  4. We like swimming costume No. 3!
    Use some fake tan before your first day at the beach/pool - always makes it more bearable :)


  5. I love the 3rd swimsuit, it's lovely, and looks very flattering!
    You've given good advice, when on holiday, I think you should forget (as much as you can) about the way you look, no-one knows you on holiday after all :) xx
    Sirens and Bells

  6. Great tips, & I absolutely adore the daisy costume!


  7. I always have the dilemma of hating my body in a bikini but wanting to wear minimal clothing to get the best tan... I think this summer I'm going to try and find some high-waist bikini bottoms to hide my stomach but allow me to get the best tan! This post is really useful though - there are some such beautiful swim pieces out there at the moment!


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