Saturday, 11 December 2010

Twitter / Victory Roll

UPDATE: My post arrived, yay! So i now have nearly 200 scrabble tiles!



  1. you look so pretty!! =) i love your blog =) x

  2. Love your vlog! And totally agree with you about Paige and Cher and all the X Factor stuff! Your hair looks gorgeous as always! x

  3. hi! I just wanted to let you know that I changed my blog and its location to :) youre absolutley gorgeous and your scrabble tiles are so cute!

  4. I totally agree with your views on the xfactor, all of the more original acts have been voted out! As long as Cher doesn't win then i'll be more than happy. xx

  5. Totally agree with your view on One Direction! Rebecca to win! The person with least votes is going tonight and then 3 battling out again on tomorrows show! x

  6. Awww, I'm so sorry I cannot express my opinion on the XFactor as we don't get to see it in Italy (besides the Italian version, that is).
    But I'm always happy to hear your voice! <3


  7. fiiit! U r such a chatterbox! haha Glad you're going to do necklaces :) xxx

  8. Blogger is bloody crap for replying to comments. I don't usually reply- just for the reason I never come back & check replies to comments I've posted- so I presume most other people don't. I think just making it clear if you have a question then tweet or email instead.
    The hair yesterday was totally gorgeous, looked so vintage & pretty
    I'm very excited for the necklaces- need one in my life :)
    Looking forward to Christmas too- my mum will be at work xmas day, which isn't great & then my sister is going to her bf's on boxing day for a few days, so dont think it will be the same this year!
    Boo to Cher, she's gone- good bye! I find Rebecca a bit boring, but I love One Direction, haha x

  9. Such a cute vlog :D I'm your newest follower :) xx

  10. lovely vlog - yea totally wish their was an easier way to reply to comments - takes me ages xxxxxxxxxx

  11. woot!, I'm going to try and order by wednesday!!

  12. your vlog was great you should do more xx

  13. have you considered selling them on ebay? I can imagine them selling quite well over there.

    With your 1000word essay, try using some of these to bulk out the word limit:
    -say when you struggled, and give an example.
    -say when you improved, give an example, and say WHY you improved (what helped you- new technique, encouragement from teacher/new project that motivated you)
    -what inspires you (an artist, nature)
    -what your favourite/worst pieces are and WHY (colours, style)
    -what you might like to draw in the future/future goals

    sorry if this is just rubbish I'm talking but hope it helps

    Totally on board with you about Cher, Cheryl and One Direction.

  14. I love your accent, Victoria! It's fantastic :-P

  15. PPD SUCKS ASS! i had to write 1000 words on writting essays... WTF.

  16. Ive added disqus to my blog, which helps me reply to comments :) it's really good and really easy to install!! and free!
    you are so easy to watch btw, it's just like going for coffee with a mate! haha


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