Monday, 13 December 2010



Every time i see a new outfit post from Alyse i feel like i should been seeing her in Vogue or something. To me, she is totally what a model should look like! Not only is she beautiful, she's one of the nicest girls I've spoke to. She always seems to have the time for everyone, even though she's really busy with school work! She has an amazing blog, so if you don't follow her already you deffo should go and check her out!

I really like her mix and match style, i think it's difficult for people to pull that off but i think she does it really well. Simple accessories really pull the outfits together and you can tell she puts a lot of thought in her outfits.

Here's what i found on the UK high street to match this American beauty:

//Golf Jumper- Calvin Green £69.99
//Black Shorts- River Island £29.99
//Grey Hat- ASOS £6
//Grey Socks- Topshop £8
//Faux Fur Coat- Tkmaxx £39.00
// Faux Fur Hat- ASOS £-21.50
//T- Shirt- Peacocks £4
// Skirt- River Island £5



  1. Many a times have I looked at her blog and thought 'wow' x

  2. I love her blog as well, and know exactly what you mean x

  3. Her outfits look really wearable and cute! xx

  4. Wow, she's stunning. Love the body-con skirt that she's wearing and the one that you've found on the highstreet. x

  5. I don't know her but she's sure to have amazing style! And she's gorgeous too! You are right, she should feature in a magazine or something!


  6. I love Alyse! She is so beautiful and her style is amazing!

    Burn the Blonde

  7. I love Alyse too, she seriously always looks like a catwalk model! So pretty and lovely lovely taste in clothes. Plus, she is such a sweet girl too. Love the three looks of hers which youve picked :) xx

  8. love her style :)

  9. That River Island skirt is a bargain! she has a great relaxed style x

  10. You are so right, she is amazingly gorgeous! I follow her blog also and I know she is one I am checking daily. None of what she wears is that complex either but she has a way of making a simple skirt look chic, which is what I think style is all about.
    Loving the blog, Victoria :) x

  11. awh i love alyse :o) and her blog

  12. The skirt you picked from River Island- I love it. Is it £5 in a sale?

  13. I love this post Alyse is fab and always looks so gorgeous. Thank you for sharing x

    Kittenish Behaviour Blog


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