Saturday, 13 March 2010

Had an amazingly busy day at Uni yesterday. I was on my feet for 6 and a half hours and stopped for 5 mins to eat an apple. I managed to do the block patterns for the skirt and crop top, and make them up in rough. I'm going in on Monday to make the Maxi dress, and i'll wait until Thursdays lesson to do the Harem pants, as i seriously need help with those. I didn't get home until late, so ordered a takeaway and then myself and Matt went to see Alice In Wonderland, it was really good. Would of been much better if it wasn't Disney PG. Tim Burton could of really gone to town and made it so messed up.
But the costumes and make up we're stunning.

I went to the market today to try and buy some fabric, had no luck whatsoever. Im going to have to order from the place i got the swatches from in Leiceter, luckily my parents said they'd go and pick it up for me which was amazing of them. Did some food shopping for the week and totally chilled out this afternoon. However whilst cooking dinner i did see a cheeky little mouse run across the kitchen floor, not so impressed. Didn't see it again either. I'll ring the landlord on Monday and see if someone can come out.

I'm going to major work on my sketchbooks this weekend, it's making me feel sick knowing i've got this 3000 word essay to do too.
Can't wait for Mum to come up on Tuesday, hopefully get some bits for the holiday next weekend! Yay!

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