Monday, 11 January 2010

As i didn't hear from my tutor this morning, i didn't bother trekking into uni. So i've tried to have a good productive day, all i've done is wash all my pjs. But i guess there's nothing quite like clean pjs!

Im going to attempt to sort out my room. Usually im quite organised, ish. However when it comes to my room that fact goes right out the window and i loose everything. I've come to the conclusion, after years in denial, I h a v e t o o m u c h s t u f f.
I've also decided that i need to start recycling all the clothes/bags and accessories i already have. I don't use half of the things i own and tend to stick to a few items and re use them, which is now starting to wind me up!
I can't afford new things and as im not 100% happy with my figure if would be total waste of money, i always used to pride myself on having some sort of style which has seem to taken a back seat in the past year, so i'll use what i already have, in some way or another and try to look fabulous!

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