Sunday, 10 January 2010

So it’s now been snowing for at least a month off and on, it was amazing at first. the chaos was laughable and everything was so bright and uplifting. However, i really feel that if i see another snow flake again i might have to hop on the first flight out to Austrailia. Which seems highly possible right now as it’s due to snow all night.I’ve not finished my uni work which was meant to be in on friday. I had to make my own trend book, yes i had the power to influence what everyone would be wearing next winter. Mother nature was good to me and closed my Uni. Fingers crossed for it being shut again tomorrow. Im still finding it impossible to get motivated.

I’ve been hibernating at matts for the past two days, finding any excuse possible to not leave his bed (and it wasn’t like THAT) i was so cold at one point i was sat by his radiator with his hoodie on and the hood up. I could not get warm. He ventured out for goodies and brought himself a playstation 3, i have resigned myself that i will not be seeing him for a few days. Last night we watched the extended version or LOTR: Fellowship Of The Ring and ate jam doughnuts. LIFE IS GOOD.

After tiptowing my way across the park, trying so hard not to slip over and smack my head. I walked into the hell that is the house. Seriously, whoever said girls are meant to be clean and tidy clearly never lived with girls. So i’ve decided to stay in my bed and watch Annie (one of my all time faves) and continue to be blinded by the white snow.

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