Thursday, 14 January 2010

I've been with my boy a year today! ahhh he's ace!
i don't we're doing anything different tonight, just our usual evening.
It's his turn to cook so yummm!

Handed all my work in today, thats me done now for two weeks! i plan on sleeping A LOT!
I'm wearing black leggins, socks and leg warmers. A blue and white baggy lined top, it was a cheap find in primark in the summer and i've not seen anyone wearing it! That makes me happy, must remember to post a pic soon.

Snow is still pretty bad, hella icy! Harrogate must be one of the worst hit. But im now nice and toasty inside. Im going to make a cuppa, didn't have time for one this morning and my body is lacking my caffine fix!

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  1. awww <3

    thats funny because my and my boyfs 18months is tomorrow! xxxxxxx


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