Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Okay, so im not a size 0, or a 10 infact im actually a size 14/16, I've always been curvy, i have a massive bum and massive boobs and im quite content with that.
However, i do sometimes wish i could wear certain items, i swear some things are made just to make bigger girls feel crap.
I don't eat unhealthy, and im not stupidly unfit. But having big boobs does kinda weigh me down ;)
I'm not one of these girls that will buy a bodycon dress when it clearly will look awful on me, and i won't buy something a small size to make myself feel better.
I know what looks good on me, and i know what won't flatter me. I like to wear plain items and jazz them up in other ways.
Yeah, in a perfect world i'd be smaller, but not much. How boring would i be then?
You don't need to be ulta skinny to look good.

I found this article, and it's actually amazing. It's about time something like this was published.
click on the other days too!

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  1. very inspiring.

    thanks for sharing!

    i'm definitely not stick skinny either.


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