Saturday, 31 March 2012


Homemade soup leak & potato soup, Vogue magazines, enchiladas, necklace from Wired Jewellery, wild hair, pub dinner, candle lit bar, new Sleek blushes, scrambled egg on toast, home made banana smoothie, dress shirt from Own The Runway, this weeks nails with MUA & Wet N Wild, some of Matts Cameras, Burts Bees tinted lip balm, chicken fajitas , hair doughnut, Facebook lolz, Matt Lewis (Neville Longbottom)'s autograph, sunglasses, 88 palette, fresh make up look, me and my boy, vanilla frappuccino & sun rays on the train home.

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Friday, 30 March 2012


I've known about Style Compare for a couple of months ago now after working with them in a recent 'styling' competition and they've even donated a £50 voucher to my giveaway! A lovely company, i'm sure you'll agree! Every Friday over on their Facebook page (hello me on the header) they give you a chance to win an item up to the value of £100! This week it's all about to spend on a dresses, perfect for this lovely weather at the mo! So why not pop on over there to see if you could win!

FACE: Foundation – Avon Flawless 'medium wheat' (review here) // Blush – eBay palette (Review here + get yourshere) // Eyebrows – HD brows (review here) // Lipstick – Loreal - 238 // EYES: 88 palette (review here + get yours here) // Eye liner – Eyeko (review here) // Mascara – New Cid (review here) ACCESSORIES: Necklace - Jon Richard


Thursday, 29 March 2012


Misguided Dress // Lush bath set // Alphabet tee // ASOS bracelet //
Faux Céline bag // Maybelline eye shadows // Thierry Mugler - Alien perfume

So it's my birthday in a little less than 2 weeks (10th April) so i thought I'd put together my ''If i could ask for anything'' wish list! I don't usually ask for anything on my birthdays, i just feel like if someone wants to buy me something they should pick it instead of me asking. I guess some people might find that a little strange, but i know my parents love to pick things for me and if it makes them happy then I'm happy! I never expect anything so it makes me appreciate whatever i do get gifted!

I fell in love with this Misguided dress when i saw it in their ''new in'' section last night, they have other pastel colours too which are just as nice. You can't go wrong with smellies (ones from Lush especially) and I'm starting to run out of the ones from Christmas so a nice top up set would be really helpful! I first found a love for these alphabet tees when i featured them months ago and I've had one in my basket ever since. Another item i've been lusting after for so long is the replica Céline bag, i honestly don't know why i haven't bought it yet because i know I'll own it eventually. I've tried to get my hands on the Maybelline colour tattoo eye shadows but my local superdrug was sold out and i just haven't had chance to try anywhere else, i really hope they're as good as they make out! I had a sample of this perfume years ago and i was really gutted when it ran out. It's so expensive though and whilst i have a nice collection of nearly full other perfumes i couldn't justify the price!


Wednesday, 28 March 2012



I bought this blush palette from eBay at the end of February and since it arrived through my door a couple of weeks ago i haven't stopped using it. I had the item in my basket since just after Christmas and after a couple of months deliberating i decided to just go for it, I'm so glad i did! It took just under 3 weeks to arrive which is pretty standard from China and it arrived well packaged with lots of bubble wrap. I know some people are a little wary of buying make up from eBay/overseas which i can totally understand. But luckily for me i have really good skin and i can pretty much throw anything on it and i never have an issue so buying something like this doesn't bother me at all.

This palette is probably one of the best beauty items I've ever purchased. Each shade is amazingly pigmented and easy to build upon (the swatches show this) so you can have a wide variety of looks/ finishes. I like to mix and match the shades, so i use far bottom right for contour, 1st one on top row for blush, the one next to it for highlight and the hot pink is fab for apples too! These blushes are long lasting and i never have to top up throughout the day which is a big thumbs up for me. I honestly can't recommend this palette enough, i think it's suited to all types of skin tone/colour and i think everyone will be able to find a colour that woks for them. To me this palette is worth every penny and i would even pay double the price for it because i think it's that fab!


Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Boux Avenue pride themselves on being able to cater for everyone, and that they do. The range of sizes they have is amazing, so whether you're a 30A, 40H, or one in between, Boux Ave have it covered. The sizes come in a brilliant selection of styles, finishes and colours. It's not just lingerie you can purchase, they also have a lovely range of nightwear, swimwear, beauty gifts and a bridal section. Boux Avenue is celebrating their first birthday this week, you can them find online and at 9 stores across the country!

Every now and again an email will appear in my inbox from a lingerie company asking if i would like to feature their brand. I usually politely decline and say it's a not something I'd like to mention on my blog (you know, it's kinda personal) but when a very friendly email popped in my inbox at the start of last month from Boux Avenue i became very interested. Being quite large chested (i have been since my early teens), i find it incredibly difficult to find bras that fit and are comfortable. I've gone through my fair share of expensive/cheap ill fitted bras that have left marks, bruises and back pain. Despite going to numerous places to get measured I've just never been able to find the perfect~ bra. I know I'm not alone in this, which is the very reason i decided to go ahead and do this post.

I was very kindly gifted two items from the website which i picked myself. I decided to go for the Sienna full support balconette bra & the Dana full support lace balconette bra as like i said before, finding bras that fit is a nightmare. The last bra i bought was from La Senza which was a 36G, it didn't fit. But i decided to get the same size anyway because i know the size is different from shop to shop and as these are ''support'' bras, i thought i wouldn't have a problem. The package arrived a couple of days later and i was blown away by the presentation. I'm an absolute sucker for a nicely packaged parcel and Boux Ave really outdid themselves. The bras came beautifully wrapped in a branded box, floral tissue paper and sealed with their own sticker. The Bras we're neatly in place in the box with scented petals to give it a really personal touch. It's the most thoughtful parcel I've ever received and something like that can really encourage your opinions on an item.

After receiving these bras i made a promise to myself to wear them everyday, even if they hurt, didn't fit or caused whatever problems because i wanted to give them a honest review. A month later I'm still wearing these bras, not for the review. But because ladies, I've found it, I've found the perfect bra! The Sienna is the one, the one I've been waiting years to find. I don't have a gap in the middle, i don't have wires digging in to me and i can wear my clothes over the top without my chest starting to fall out (you know what i mean, we've all been there!) Even though the Dana is the same size, i find it a lot tighter to the point where i can't wear it for too long because it hurts, but the support i get from it is amazing it makes it worth it. I can't believe I've found finally found it and all for £26! I honestly can't recommend Boux Avenue enough. Their service & quality is outstanding and I've even asked for a voucher from my Mum for my birthday. Thank you for Boux Ave for helping me find my perfect bra!

So now on to the exciting bit! Just to prove everything I've said about Boux Ave being fabulous, they've only gone and given me a £50 voucher for one of you to win! How lovely is that? All you have to do is comment on this post with a link to what you would spend your voucher on and I'll pick a winner on Friday!

*giveway now closed*

Monday, 26 March 2012


Lookbook | Chictopia
Jacket/Dress/Necklace: Primark
eBay | Shoes: eBay

I'm a bit of perfectionist when it comes to my blog/layout, you'll find that i tend to stick to a similar theme with my posts. Some people probably find it annoying and boring, but hey, that's me! So you can only imagine how frustrating it is to have all 3 pictures above with me doing the same thing with my bag. Unfortunately these were the best of the bunch (it was a bad bunch) but it does make me shake my head in annoyance!

This t shirt dress and necklace were picked up in most recent Primark trip and they've both rarely been left out my daily outfit choice! The dress is total replica of the one in Topshop which is about £28 i think? This Primark number is £8! I really hope they bring out other colours because i can see myself wearing them throughout the summer. The style, shape and fabric is just so me! I've been after a dream catcher style necklace for ages and have often scouted on eBay for the perfect one, so a smile instantly appeared on my face when i saw this one for £4! Primark, you have done me proud again.

Made a visit to see the new Hunger Games film on Friday night with some friends! I say some, there were 9! A few of us headed to a bar after the film and after walking home it was 2am! I love nights like that, the ones that just fly by. The film was ok, I'd probably give it 7/10. I'm a bit disappointed really because I've been looking forward to it for months and it just wasn't as good as i had built it up to be. I know it's had a lot of mixed reviews, but we all had the same opinion. I think it's difficult to turn a book in to a film because you tend to miss out the little bits in between which give background so I'd like to read the rest in the series and see if changes my mind. The costumes and make up were superb though, I'd watch it solely for that! Have you seen it? What did you think?

Towards the end of last week i passed 4000 followers vis GFC (say wut?!) so i put up my giveaway! It's had an amazing response so far so thanks to everyone who has entered! I just want to say PLEASE read the rules before commenting, so many of the entries can't be counted because the rules have just been ignored! I want to make it as fair as i can for everyone to take part.

I'm hoping this week goes nice and speedy as I'm off home to my parents this weekend! Myself and Mumma Price are off to a chocolate making lesson on Sunday afternoon which my Dad very kindly bought us both for Christmas. I'm really looking forward to it and of course seeing Ken the kitten (he'll always be one to me) again! I love being home, I'd go back every weekend if i could!

Last few days to buy add space on my blog for April, just visit my shop if you're interested! I hope you all have a lovely sun- filled happy week!


Sunday, 25 March 2012


The bags & shoes come in different colours.

Thanks for everyone who has got in touch; I currently have a few items on my list. If you want me to have a go at finding an item for you please get in touch via Formspring and I'd be happy to help! But please be patient, I will try my best to find your item but sometimes it can take me longer than others. Also, please keep in mind that i won't be able to find everything you suggest, there are certain limits on eBay that even i can't get around!

I'll be doing requests all day so keep an eye on my Formspring & Tumblr if you want to find more bargains!


Friday, 23 March 2012


FACE: Foundation – Avon Flawless 'medium wheat' (review here) // Blush – eBay palette (here) // Eyebrows – HD brows (review here) // Lipstick – ELF Fantasy // EYES: 120 palette (review here + get yours here) // liquid liner – Barry M // Eye liner – Miss Sporty // Mascara – New Cid (review here)


Thursday, 22 March 2012


I'm a really big fan of Jolie Box, I've had a few boxes from them and I haven't been disappointed by a single item I've received and this box is no exception. I like how all their boxes are the same so there's no ''this person got this why didn't i?'' criticisms. The March edition is the first box to provide you with all full size products inside their own branded draw string bag and the first edition of their magazine. I did only receive my box today, but as I've already used 3 of the products before i thought I'd put my post up today and give you an idea of what you can get this month.

£10 + £2.95 P&P*

I LOVE Yardley products so i was really happy to see this product in this months box. I received some of their products for Christmas in other scents, so I'm very much looking forward to trying 'Royal English Daisy' body wash. This product comes in three floral scents which leaves the skin feeling very soft and hydrated. This is an absolute bargain of a product and i totally recommend it, it's just so lovely!

This natural and conditioning balm is used for hair, face & body to leave you feeling totally nourished and looked after. This balm is 98% natural and contains lots of oils & vitamins so it's really good for you. I'm not usually a fan of oil products on my skin, but i find this one to be really good considering the different types of oils there is. I've tried a sample of this product before and i really liked the couple of times i used it so i'm really looking forward to giving it a longer try. I think this product is truly worth the price tag and it will certainly be reperchasing it when this tube runs out.

The only thing to critics about this product is the fact i already have the exact same colour (purple) which i received in another beauty box. I know this isn't Jolie Box's fault, but it would of been nice to maybe try another Eyeko product which hasn't already been doing the beauty box rounds. As i still have my other pencil I'll probably be giving this away as I'd rather it go to a good home! I'm still not overly fond of the 're branding' from Eyeko and i still wouldn't say it was worth the price tag!

I applied this polish as soon as it arrived and so far so good. The first coat gives a really nice pale white gloss with lots of shimmer, but the more coats applied the more opaque the colour gets with glitter specs rather than fine shimmer. It says it's fast drying, which i might have to dosage with as I've tried other brands who have dried a lot quicker, but it's ok! This brand new product comes in four pastel shades, so it'll be perfect for this years S/S trend.

The final item is a Joliebox mirror! A perfect handbag size.

I'm really excited to see Jolie Box bringing out a magazine as i think it sets them apart from other beauty boxes. The magazine gives you 23 pages of reviews, hints & tips, shopping ideas and interviews with an in depth look at the JB products they've bought to you in previous boxes. The layout is aesthetically pleasing and i really hope they continue with it!

Overall i really like this box, just like the other two i've recieved. I can see some keyboard warriors maybe being disappointed that one of the 5 products is a mirror and maybe the polish is quite a small size, but when you add up the total of this box it's worth £30.50! That says it all i think!

Do you receive a monthly Jolie Box? What do you think of the March edition?

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