Friday, 30 December 2011


So another year has flown by and it's a marked a full year of doing outfit pictures!

For the first 6 months of this year I was living with my old place and only felt comfortable with doing outfit pictures indoors and with a tripod. So compared to the latter of the year I find them a little boring~ but if you want to see 6 of my favourites then feel free to have a look here! But when I moved in July, it gave me a chance to do pictures outdoors as we have some great shared space and it wasn't long before i ventured outside to do my pictures...

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 //12

I’d like to think my pictures have improved a great deal now i take them outside and i really do owe a lot of thanks to my fabulous boyfriend for taking them for me! I really hope 2012 will end on another outfit post high and i'm really excited to see where this takes me style wise!

I'd love to hear which of my outfits have stood out for you and which you like the most?!



Another picture from the shoot i did a couple of weeks ago!
(Fur stole from yesterdays post)


Thursday, 29 December 2011


It's taken me a long time to get in to the 'fur trend' but it's safe to say i'm finally there and loving it! I now own boots, a scarf, hat and a coat all of which are either fur lined or have some sort of faux fur attached. The stole or collar, whatever you want to call it is one of the pieces I own and I wear it pretty much every day. Next on the list are all of the items above starting with the animal hood!

Are you a faux fur fan? Which is your favourite of the piece i've chosen?


Wednesday, 28 December 2011


I'm a little bit late with this post, so apologizes if you've already read a few posts about it. But with Christmas and my first box not arriving, today was the only chance I had to post. So some of you may be aware, some not, but this is a new box bought to you by the merging of Budoir Prive and Jolie Box and is a monthly subscription service for £10 + P&P which is pretty standard for a beauty box.

I was very excited to receive this box and i'm am SO pleased with all its contents. I would actually even say it's my favourite beauty box I’ve ever received (i've had my fair share having been a subscriber to Glossybox since the beginning) and i'm expecting good things from now on.

My box comes with...

OPI Gold Shatter - I'm not a massive~ shatter polish fan as I think they can look really messy and too much (Barry M black i'm looking at you) but i'm pleasantly surprised with this gold one from OPI. It's not a heavy colour which means it does add a texture look without being over the top. You can also apply it on it's on and it actually works quite well. I am pleased i've got this product because it means I have a crackle polish for the times I fancy something different and i'd also be interested in trying out the silver version.

Mitchell and Peach shower wash - You can never go wrong with receiving shower gels in beauty boxes because as far as I’m concerned they will always get used. I've never tried this brand before but I really like the fact it's 100% natural fragrance and the smell is wonderful. This one is lavender which is meant to be really relaxing and perfect if you're about to go to sleep. I probably wouldn't use this one in the morning as it will probably make me want to go back to bed and wake me up!

NEW CID I-Gloss- I'm a big fan of NEW CID cosmetics so I was really pleased to see an item from them. This gloss is lovely light peach colour (Coconut Ice 0506) and has a really nice consistency and isn't sticky in the slightest. It gives a really nice shine that can be easily worn over solid lipstick colours. I'm not a massive fan of the lights that are on the lid as I think it's a little 'too much'' for a lip gloss and I find it more annoying than useful, but I wouldn't let that stop me using this product because it is really nice.

Jane Iredale 24-Karat Rose Gold Dust power- A multi use shimmer powder designed to be applied to cheeks, lips, body and hair (I think i'll skip the body and hair part) and does exactly what it says on the box. This product has more shimmer than i personally like, so it'll be a product to use on a night out. Very pigmented, very true to colour and a really nice glow to the cheeks.

YON-KA Vital defense - I'm really bad with my skin on the fact that I don't really use any products on it. So my opinion on this product isn't really valid on that bases and that it's designed for ages 25+ (i'm not quite there yet) so i'll probably give this product to my Mum and see what she thinks.

and then two bonus products Kusmi detox tea & Jolie Box concealer brush.

Like I said before I am so impressed with this box and I really hope it's not just been made on a whim to get people interested. I know there won't be high end products every month but I think having a variety of products is important and personally that's what makes me like a box from month to month. I'm really looking forward to what they do next and i'm hoping it'll become a really successful monthly supcription service.


Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas Gifts #2

Alexander McQueen bracelet // Cable knit jumper // Sanctuary products // Primark gift card //
Galaxy print t shirt // Gok Wan smellies // Lush 'Relax' set // Harry Potter DVD // Adele DVD

I also got a coat (outfit pics to follow) a 2 hour lesson with a chocolatier and then the usual Christmas bits!


Monday, 26 December 2011


Lookbook | Chictopia
Poncho: Joe Browns | Skirt: Miss Selfridge
Hat/ Vest Top/Tights/Shoes: Primark

Happy Christmas everyone! I hope you all had a lovely day and got spoilt rotten; I certainly did! I'm thinking about doing a post on the goodies I received but i'm not sure if you'll be sick of them, so let me know!

These pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago, but they were actually taken by an old school film camera (Bronica SQ-A) of Matts so I had to wait for them to get developed and scanned in but I really like how they've turned out. The colours look totally different from my laptop to Matts so I hope they look ok from wherever you're viewing them. I did plan on doing some pics around my village but i've been so busy it just didn't happen. But then there's always tomorrow!

I'll be back in Leeds on Wednesday for one day and then i'll be up in Newcastle for New year with Matts family aka Christmas part 2! I'm going to be so sad come Monday because then it'll all be over and then back to the boring reality. But that's a whole week away, so enough of that.

I was a total slacker on the blogging front last week, apologizes for that. I don't get to spend time with my parents that often so I decided to not switch my laptop on for a few days and just enjoy being home and i'm pleased to say i've had the most fun here than i've had in a long time. Lots of food, drink and amazingly fun games have taken place these past few days and i'm pleased to have two more days of it all! Usual blogging will commence as of this week I promise.

But now it's time for Christmas Day round 2!


Friday, 23 December 2011


Gotta love a cheesy Christmas photo!


Thursday, 22 December 2011


The party season is now upon us and it's time to go all out and get the ultimate dress! I know a lot of people like to buy a dress for one occasion and therefore it needs to be in a decent budget, so of course i've headed to eBay! I've chosen my favourite dresses around at the moment and for those still searching for one I hope i've helped you a litle bit! Most of these dresses come in a varitey of colours too, i'm just going throught a red wine and black colour phase at the moment.

Which dress would you wear? Have you got your party dress sorted?


Monday, 19 December 2011


Lookbook | Chictopia
None of these clothes are my own so I can't give details as yet, bare with me.

I'm really excited to show you a couple of the pics taken last week when I did a shoot with Emma & Jenny who are students at the College Of Art in Leeds. We did quite a few sets but these are one of my favourites, it's just so different~ from the norm for me and I love it. I have quite a few other outfits to post so let me know if you'd like to see those and I can maybe post a set during the week along with my usual outfit pics.

Today I braved the crazed shoppers and picked up the last little presents I needed. Town was manic even for a Monday afternoon. I dread to think what Saturday will be like! Thankfully I managed to get everything I wanted, and I even ended up buying presents for myself from my boyfriend. Does anyone else do this? It actually doesn't bother me, but I can see it bothering some. At least I get what I want.

I am SO excited to be going home for Christmas tomorrow! I've literally been counting down the weeks and finally I feel like I can get excited about this weekend. It just doesn't feel like Christmas unless i'm with my parents and I’m certainly not ready for one without them just yet. I'll be home for a week and i'm pretty sure it'll be filled with fun and lolz!

Thanks so much for all your lovely comments/tweets RE my video! I was really nervous about it but I’m so happy you like it and it's definitely made me want to film more. I'm thinking of doing a vlog type one this week when i'm home but we'll see if that actually works out! I'm going on my Mums car insurance so some days trips are in order over this week and hopefully some different kinda outfit pics.

There's another blogging comp coming up (I know, just as we all get over Cosmo) and i'd be thrilled if you like my blog enough to enter me. Just click here to do so and thank you so much to anyone who does vote for me!

Just a heads up for those still wanting to enter my giveaway, it ends on Wednesday!


Sunday, 18 December 2011


Thanks for everyone who has got in touch; I currently have a lot items on my list. If you want me to have a go at finding an item for you please get in touch via Formspring and I'd be happy to help! But please be patient, I will try my best to find your item but sometimes it can take me longer than others. Also, please keep in mind that i won't be able to find everything you suggest, there are certain limits on eBay that even i can't get around!

Friday, 16 December 2011

Thursday, 15 December 2011


- Sponsored

Having done fashion design & production at uni, I know first hand how hard it is to get noticed and get out there. Having a place where you can showcase your designs and collections is just a dream come true, so for those who are lucky enough to be on a brilliant website called Boticca it can be the perfect place to get started.

Boticca is an online marketplace edited by a team of fashion experts, designers, stylists, editors, bloggers and collectors, who illustrate the culture, stories and inspiration behind the collections on the site. They aim to source the very best up and coming designers and put them in a place where you can discover unique pieces. They also have a great selection of guest posts where celebrities and curators pick their favourite items from the site. The site is also really popular amongst many celebs and there’s a fab gallery filled with pictures wearing their key pieces.

So on to my favourite designer from the site, Alex Shu.

''Alex Suh is a recent graduate from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design. Sophisticated and vivid, the scarves she creates give unique ambiance from the mixture of classical paintings with the digital and graphic methods. Subtle yet bold, her use of engaging traditional method with digital print brings fine art to permeate in fashion. Inspired by the poetic things that derives from the gap between the perceptions and our senses, she continues to generates romantic and chic imageries which are interpreted through beautiful scarves.''

I absolutely love these prints. They remind me a lot of the inspiration i had for my final major project. The colours in the scarf are easy to work with and can be teamed with a variety of items to make your outfit pop! They're really on trend righT now and i can see the high street being filled with designs similar in Spring/Summer 2012.

I think the website is brilliant and I'd love to hear which designers on Boticca you love and your thoughts on the website itself!

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