Wednesday, 28 December 2011


I'm a little bit late with this post, so apologizes if you've already read a few posts about it. But with Christmas and my first box not arriving, today was the only chance I had to post. So some of you may be aware, some not, but this is a new box bought to you by the merging of Budoir Prive and Jolie Box and is a monthly subscription service for £10 + P&P which is pretty standard for a beauty box.

I was very excited to receive this box and i'm am SO pleased with all its contents. I would actually even say it's my favourite beauty box I’ve ever received (i've had my fair share having been a subscriber to Glossybox since the beginning) and i'm expecting good things from now on.

My box comes with...

OPI Gold Shatter - I'm not a massive~ shatter polish fan as I think they can look really messy and too much (Barry M black i'm looking at you) but i'm pleasantly surprised with this gold one from OPI. It's not a heavy colour which means it does add a texture look without being over the top. You can also apply it on it's on and it actually works quite well. I am pleased i've got this product because it means I have a crackle polish for the times I fancy something different and i'd also be interested in trying out the silver version.

Mitchell and Peach shower wash - You can never go wrong with receiving shower gels in beauty boxes because as far as I’m concerned they will always get used. I've never tried this brand before but I really like the fact it's 100% natural fragrance and the smell is wonderful. This one is lavender which is meant to be really relaxing and perfect if you're about to go to sleep. I probably wouldn't use this one in the morning as it will probably make me want to go back to bed and wake me up!

NEW CID I-Gloss- I'm a big fan of NEW CID cosmetics so I was really pleased to see an item from them. This gloss is lovely light peach colour (Coconut Ice 0506) and has a really nice consistency and isn't sticky in the slightest. It gives a really nice shine that can be easily worn over solid lipstick colours. I'm not a massive fan of the lights that are on the lid as I think it's a little 'too much'' for a lip gloss and I find it more annoying than useful, but I wouldn't let that stop me using this product because it is really nice.

Jane Iredale 24-Karat Rose Gold Dust power- A multi use shimmer powder designed to be applied to cheeks, lips, body and hair (I think i'll skip the body and hair part) and does exactly what it says on the box. This product has more shimmer than i personally like, so it'll be a product to use on a night out. Very pigmented, very true to colour and a really nice glow to the cheeks.

YON-KA Vital defense - I'm really bad with my skin on the fact that I don't really use any products on it. So my opinion on this product isn't really valid on that bases and that it's designed for ages 25+ (i'm not quite there yet) so i'll probably give this product to my Mum and see what she thinks.

and then two bonus products Kusmi detox tea & Jolie Box concealer brush.

Like I said before I am so impressed with this box and I really hope it's not just been made on a whim to get people interested. I know there won't be high end products every month but I think having a variety of products is important and personally that's what makes me like a box from month to month. I'm really looking forward to what they do next and i'm hoping it'll become a really successful monthly supcription service.



  1. I'm trying to decide which beauty box to sign up to in the NY and this one looks really interesting :) There were some really good products! Hope you had a good christmas and have a good new year x

  2. Wow you guys get great stuff in your boxes, ours are more just sample sizes.

  3. I receive a Glossybox each month, which is the same concept but your Joliebox and the content looks so much more glamorous! I'm in love with the golden OPI polish!

  4. The silver shatter by OPI is seriously gorgeous. I'm not huge on crackles either for that reason but I was surprised with OPI's shatters.


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