Thursday, 30 June 2011


So here it is! My 2000 follower giveaway! I'm seriously so excited to show you guys as I've been planning it for MONTHS!
The best thing is 6 of you will be winners! How amazing is that?!
This is the best way i can think of for saying thank you for reading my blog and being a part of my life!

[1.] This of course my favourite all time bag! You'll know how much i love this bag boy so it only makes sense to give one away too!

[2.] The best dry shampoo you will ever own!

[3.] An amazing 'true to colour' palette from Coastal Scents!

[4.] A selection of jewellery from other amazing bloggers!

Rainbow Rocks
This Charming Girl

[5.] The cutest cushion ever from Sass & Belle

[6.] A selection of some of my favourite beauty products and a bow belt!

- Giveaway ends at midnight Wednesday 10th August(GMT)
- This is open to anyone (as long as you follow my blog!)
- Winners will be chosen using
- To enter comment this post saying ‘ENTER ME’
- For 2 chances of winning this giveaway, please Tweet @vipxo is having a giveaway! Click here for a chance of winning..
- For 3 chances of winning post a link about this giveaway on your blog/sidebar
(Don't forget to show me your posts and tweets otherwise i can't count those)

Good luck everyone!


Tuesday, 28 June 2011


I've been trying to post these pictures for the past 5 hours! My laptops been running really slow lately so Matt said that he's defrag the hardrive (something that's, er, never been done!) it's still not finished, but i thought I'd pause it to blog!

I guess this is a somewhat different outfit post today, i usually never show my arms as I'm really self conscious about them, but with the weather hitting the 30s this week there's no way in hell I'd cover up. In fact, if it was socially acceptable for larger ladies to walk around in a bikini and teeny tiny shorts I'd be all over it! But alas, here i am in a kinda maxi dress from Primark last year which i think was around £3!

I am currently up to my eye balls in cardboard boxes! We're still not sure whether we're moving Thursday or Friday so we're just trying to get it all done as soon as! Well, i say 'we' it's more me! Panic mode hasn't quite set in with Matt yet. But when it does I'll be sat on the sofa cool as a cucumber knowing I've done my bit! Even though I'll be sad to leave, I'm quite looking forward to being somewhere new. I've also had a massive clear out of everything, I've filled about 4 bin bags and a couple are full of clothes for the charity shop so I'm feeling really good about that!

Thanks for all your comments on my 'untitled' post. I guess I'm not the only one who feels like that which i guess is quite refreshing. However, i did get a little frustrated with the 'want to see more of your life' type posts. I totally get that, and believe me if i spent my days doing exciting things I'd be happy to fill it with photos. But all I'm doing right now is applying for jobs and applying for more jobs. I haven't got the money to go out every day doing exciting things, i also don't have a car in Leeds and train fares are ridiculously expensive if you don't buy in advance so it's pretty difficult! I also don't want to post stuff about Matt on here, of course i mention him and there is even a photo flying about somewhere in history but that's as far as it goes. I do want to keep somethings private!

Anyways, got some pretty exciting news! I'm going to Canada for a whole month on the 27th Sept! My grandparents have lived out there since i was a little girl and they've invited me out there as a graduation present! I've been 4 times before (i know lucky right?!) but the last time i saw them i was 11, so it'll be very interesting but I'm so excited! I'm sure I'll have lots of photo blogs over that month, so just hold on a little longer ;)

Today i hit 2000 followers via GFC! So thank you very much! I'm so excited for the giveaway and I'll be posting it HOPEFULLY before Friday! Can't wait for you to see what goodies I've got in store!


Sunday, 26 June 2011


When i met up with Lily a couple of weeks ago she showed me her new amazing phone case and i knew i had to get my hands on one for myself! She told me about Lucy who custom makes them through her Facebook page so i emailed her as soon as i got home!

Of course i had to get it totally over the top and blingtastic, you know sometimes it's just got to be done?! And i HAD to have VIP on it, just to add to the tackyness but i love it so much! It's perfect and exactly what i wanted.

Now since Lily blogged about hers, Lucy has received over 40+ so if you want to get your hands on one just be mindful there will be a reasonable wait. But i totally recommend her and she's very lovely!


Tuesday, 21 June 2011



I got an email this morning informing me of a sale going on at ASOS. Now I can’t let myself buy anything because I’m trying to be good and only spend on things I REALLY need but I thought there was no harm in looking right? Well I thought this until I fell in love with pretty much EVERYTHING and nearly wept over the fact I can’t get any of these lovely gems. The prices are amazing too so you’ll be really getting a bargain if you choose to get your hands on something. These are my favourite dresses and playsuits and if money wasn’t an issue believe me they’d all be in my basket now!

Are there any items you’ll be purchasing from the ASOS sale?


Saturday, 18 June 2011


First off I just want to say a massive thank you to anyone who congratulated me yesterday, you have no idea how much it means to me and how thankful I am to know such amazing people. Each and every one of you made me smile yesterday and I’m so thankful for that!

This dress is seriously getting its wear recently! It’s the third time I’ve worn it since I got it 3 weeks ago. I just love it so much, it’s perfect for summer and I think it’s really flattering. It’s from Misguided and I’m finding myself lusting after so much of their new items at the mo, they seem to have had a re vamp and personally I think the site is stronger than ever! (I’m wearing a size 14 for anyone who wants to know)

Yesterday after getting my results (still in shock btw) I got myself sorted to go to Matts end of year show, he’s just finished his foundation degree and is doing his top up in September (this is what I did too!) so the Leeds College Of Art was open to the public for viewing. Seriously, if anyone lives in Leeds you have to go, they have some AMAZING pieces in there and some real raw talent.
Anyways, this is the stop motion animation Matt and his friend Dave did. All together it was over 1100+ photos put together. I hope you like it, I’m so proud!
We then all went to Nandos, which was my first ever visit and it was really yummy! I finally got to have an alcoholic drink at about half ten last night, I seriously needed it!

Today we’re all off to Sunderland to say goodbye to my Friend who is going travelling for 3 months, we’re also going to see Matts Mum which I’m looking forward too as when she came up for my Fashion Show I didn’t get to speak to her much! It’s always nice seeing my friends, even if one doesn’t like me very much at the moment!

I’m hoping to get another ebay up this week along with adding new items to the shop and fingers crossed film a couple of videos that I’ve been meaning to do forever!

Right I better be off as Dave will be here at 2 and I’m yet to pack! Enjoy your weekend peeps! Big love once again <3


Friday, 17 June 2011


Ok, so im cheating massively! I don’t actually have any make up on as i rushed to get in to college, and I’m just about to jump in the shower so there was no way you’d be seeing my face, considering it has aged massively from the stress of these past few months and the fact today I finally got my results.

I now have a BA(hons) in Fashion design and production! I am speechless over the fact I got a 2:1 I literally cried down the phone to my parents and had to get 3 other people to check that I was reading the right number.
I effed up my first term, and I needed to hit at least 60 (merit) for the remanding of my models, so you can only begin to imagine how over the moon I am over the fact I actually got a flipping 2:1!
I’ve never been THAT student, I always got Cs and Ds but I’ve finally done it, I finally have a grade I can be really proud of!



Thursday, 16 June 2011


[1.] [2.] [3.] [4.]

I've been using ELF (eyes lips face) products for about a year now after i saw a lot of blog posts about them. So i'd like to think my opinion is pretty valid, now i've tried some pretty rubbish stuff from their site but i've also tried some amazing stuff which is now part of my daily routine, these 4 products are part of that. I know a lot of people are a bit warey about trying their products because of the price. The basic eyes, lips and face stuff is all pretty much £1.50 which i guess is hard to believe! But in all honesty, i swear by their powder and blushers. The black box items are little more expensive but only by £2, and i still think they're worth it. Not everyone can afford paying £10 for an eye shadow, so this site is perfect for make up lovers with a budget!

So the main reason i wanted to show you what i'm loving today is because they currently have free shipping on orders over £10 (believe me you can get a lot for that!) and i'm one of those people that HATES paying shipping costs because with that money i could of bought another item! So anyway, all you have to do is enter the code UKSHIP and it's all yours!

Speaking of discounts, i've added one to my shop for today and tomorrow only! I get my results tomorrow so i thought someone might as well celebrate ;) For 15% off all you do is type in RESULTS15 at the checkout.

(Just reading this back is sounds sponsored, i can promise 100% that it isn't!)

Monday, 13 June 2011


Lookbook / Chictopia

I didn't actually realise how long it has been since i last did an outfit post, but blogger tells me it's been 12 days! Seriously since finishing uni, days just seem to blur in to weeks and time is getting away from me! I'm wearing my trusty Dorothy Perkins cardi (featured in about 6 outfit posts now!) Primark vest top and my skirt i believe is from Debenhams. Sunburst ring is from my shop and the heart one is an oldy from Primark.

Even though it's been nearly two weeks, in all honesty I've not been up to that much. I'm spending my days applying for jobs, sorting out moving, faffing about (a lot) and reading. I would like the weather to be a bit nicer so i could enjoy the latter one more! I do sometimes question how it can actually be 'summer' when it's colder than it was in April. It just makes me wish i was going on holiday, damn my money values.

I've been at home this weekend celebrating my best friends brothers 21st birthday! But he'll always be about 10 to me. It was a really fun night, and it was really nice seeing people I've not seen in a long time. Yesterday i just stayed in with the rents and we played about 9475973 games of bowling on the Wii! Today however i am now back in Leeds and will soon have to get a wriggle on and start packing (wonder how long i can put it off for?!)

I've been to the post office today to post recent shop orders and the eBay items that have been paid for. It all ended last night and I'm happy to see 11 out of 13 are off to a good home! If you got anything you'll have to let me know.

Tomorrow I'm back in to uni for an open evening, it's going to be really strange but looking forward to seeing people again. We're all going to go out for a meal too with our tutor which will be really strange but hopefully really fun too!
Thanks to everyone who had entered my Rain Or Shine competition! I'm having loads of fun looking through entries and seeing your own style come through!

(This post was meant to have been posted over an hour ago, but I've just been on the phone (can't wait to find out how much that will cost me) to my bank. I am now locked out of Internet banking and will be for the next 5 - 6 working days. Can't even explain how annoying this is!)


Friday, 10 June 2011

Thursday, 9 June 2011


I think I'm having (dare i say it?!) uni withdrawals! I woke up this morning in a really creative mood, i also knew i wanted to blog so i was going between style posts, outfit post, wish lists etc and then i thought why not make something. I was debating altering some tops with my sewing machine (it's still sat on my desk) but then i remembered that i had some plain t shirts waiting to be jazzed up. I'll probably end up cutting the sleeves off, i think they would look a lot better with the images and it goes with that whole look* around at the mo. But at least for the time being i have some quirky t shirts.

I'm going to add t shirts like this to the shop, I'm currently in the process of designing 5 tops to put up there so keep an eye out for those in the next couple of months. I'm also dying to get my patterns back from my collection so i can start making replicas of the skirt i made! On a shop related note, I'm going to the post office tomorrow as I'm going home on Saturday for those who are wanting something.

I'd love to hear what you think about the t shirts? What would you put on them?


Tuesday, 7 June 2011


I often get asked what my favourite pieces of jewellery i own are. I must admit that sometimes i just don't think to add a ring, bracelet, necklace etc and i will often keep my outfits really plain. But every now and again I'll stick something on and that will most probably be a ring (or 5). So here is my ring box, i bought this little beauty from Ebay for only a couple of quid. (I've found one for those who are interested) It's perfect for keeping them all together and you can easily see what you've got to choose from.

I have all sorts of rings (not all are in here as i need to get another box) and these are the ones i wear most. A lot are from Primark such as the heart, gold chunky, purple stone and the cream rose. The owl is from Ebay (£1.99!), the heart key is from GG, all the stone rings on the right hand side are form jwlry and then the black stone, V and sunburst are from my shop. All the other odd ones were gifts.

I like to think that i have a good range of rings for all different outfits and occasions!


Monday, 6 June 2011



So as i mentioned in my last post that at the end of the month I'll be moving out, we're actually going to a smaller place so it was the perfect excuse to have a good clear out.
I had a nightmare with Ebay yesterday, i wanted to set up a new account just for bloggy stuff and i think that's why it look HOURS to update. But it's finally working now, i did want to have A LOT more up there but i wasn't sure if it was working etc etc anyways, at least i have some bits up there and I'll probably do another one next weekend, well probably every weekend until we move out.

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch!

(I've also added more feather earrings to the shop and i'll i have loads of time this week to do blog posts/videos!)


Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Lookbook / Chictopia

Everything is Primark, apart from the chunky ring which is from my shop.

I'm having a really sweet time at home, it's been so lovely and totally flown by. I'm back up to Leeds tomorrow and this just stresses me because in exactly one month I'll be moving apartments, again. I hate packing, it's the 4th time I've moved in 4 years and i swear it gets worse every time! Plus i love living where i do and it makes me sad i have to leave.

I was meant to be going out last night with my oldest friend, but she had to cancel because of uni work. I did still end up going out but it was with two girls i've not seen in months! It was really random, but hella fun. I came rolling in at 3am (so unlike me, i'm always wanting to leave early) and today i'm feeling a little rough. Proving the point i'm getting older and can't hack going out two nights out of three.

Couple of new bits to the blog, i now have add space over on the left and I've started doing a monthly favourite blog which you can find in the blogroll section at the top.

Thanks to everyone who has voted in the Next model competition. I know we still have a month to go, but at least i can say i was 11th at one point ;)

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