Thursday, 16 June 2011


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I've been using ELF (eyes lips face) products for about a year now after i saw a lot of blog posts about them. So i'd like to think my opinion is pretty valid, now i've tried some pretty rubbish stuff from their site but i've also tried some amazing stuff which is now part of my daily routine, these 4 products are part of that. I know a lot of people are a bit warey about trying their products because of the price. The basic eyes, lips and face stuff is all pretty much £1.50 which i guess is hard to believe! But in all honesty, i swear by their powder and blushers. The black box items are little more expensive but only by £2, and i still think they're worth it. Not everyone can afford paying £10 for an eye shadow, so this site is perfect for make up lovers with a budget!

So the main reason i wanted to show you what i'm loving today is because they currently have free shipping on orders over £10 (believe me you can get a lot for that!) and i'm one of those people that HATES paying shipping costs because with that money i could of bought another item! So anyway, all you have to do is enter the code UKSHIP and it's all yours!

Speaking of discounts, i've added one to my shop for today and tomorrow only! I get my results tomorrow so i thought someone might as well celebrate ;) For 15% off all you do is type in RESULTS15 at the checkout.

(Just reading this back is sounds sponsored, i can promise 100% that it isn't!)


  1. love this post! ive been thinking of trying elf for ages and especially the concealer! xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  2. I was waiting for a review on elf because i was looking a the website the other day and was tempted to buy things but then i thought oh it's SO cheap maybe but's not that great.. but obviously it's IS good! yay

  3. I use cheap make-up quite a lot. When I have a bit more money, when I'm working, I might spend a little bit more. For now, though, I don't really see the point!

  4. I really, really, REALLY want to try that eyebrow kit!

  5. I remember when everyone was raving about elf on blogs and on youtube ages ago too and i bought some stuff then. I still use my Powder brush and bronzer occasionally. I agree, some of their products are a bit rubbish but there are some gems amongst it.

    I've been meaning to try that concealer palette for a while but wasn't too sure, i may try it out as you've given it a good review :)

    Stacey xx

  6. I have that face powder, I love it...I think I'll buy all my makeup from ELF from now on xx

  7. thanks for the heads up on the free shipping - i also HATE paying for shipping!

    i think i'm going to order some things to try out - definitely want to see what that concealer palette and the clarifying powder is like! x

  8. Glad to see that (what I'm assuming is) the brow kit is good. I've been hunting for one to try out.

  9. I use the eyebrow kit all the time, such a good item for not much money.
    The brushes aren't too bad either.

  10. Just went to make an ELF order and the products I want are out of stock and this code has expired :( XO


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