Sunday, 27 February 2011

I've recently had emails from you lovely lot asking if i could a 'celebrity style steal' type of post, and as I'm still getting asked about this bag i thought id' put the two together. Initially i had no idea who Kristin Cavallari is, but thanks to Google, I've found out shes well known for being on reality TV in America. I'm not a massive fan over over layering and a crazy about of accessories (apart from certain looks, obz) so her look is perfect to me, it's just so simple and low key. I really like her sun kissed look too, and the fact she looks fresh faced. It's nice to see someone who wears little make up in a world where Kim Kadashian's immaculate make up is all over the Internet. In 99% of the photos I've found of Kirstin, she is rocking her Rocco! Proving she really does have an amazing style! Here are my picks so you can dress like her too...

All items are from New Look!

Mesh Jumper- £21.99
Denim Shorts- £19.99
Wedges- £22.99
Boyfriend Blazer £19.99
Peter Pan Top- £16.99
Checkered Shirt- £12.79
Skinny Jeans- £15.99
Tunic Dress- £17.59
Sandals- £19.99
Faux Alexander Wang Rocco- £20


Friday, 25 February 2011

The Look Show inspired...

Urban Decay pencil (given in our goodie bags) as a base, Front Cover blue/black/green & white shadow over the top.


Wednesday, 23 February 2011

I've been after a bodycon skirt for ages, mainly to go under things and to wear with long tops. So when i was retuning a coat to H&M that i never wore to London, i thought I'd pick one up seeing as though it was only £3.99. I can't say I'd feel overly comfortable having a top tucked in, I'd probably add a cardi to cover the back. I seem to look bigger in the second pic too but i think that's just the way I'm standing. Anyways, i really like this plain tee from Zara, it's so comfortable and i have it in this colour too! I'm wearing a cute butterfly print necklace i got from Primark years ago, and my own Scrabble necklace.

So this week is half term (or 'reading' week as we're degree students). My aim for the whole week was to go in to college everyday and put together my rough samples. This was until college decided to close. Well, college is open, but our room is locked. For the whole flipping week! It's messed me up BIG TIME, because now I'm even more behind than i wanted to be. So for the rest of the week my aim is to start a couple of briefs, and pretty much do a plan of action for the next 3 months. Oh, and finish my dissertation and sort out a presentation for it too. I've also found out my tutor is in AUS for another week (5 in total), not really much i can say about apart from the fact i am so close to having a nervous breakdown.

I signed up for website called Brandalley months ago, for those who don't know it's site where there is cheaper designer clothes/make up/ home ware etc and you get an email when a new sale starts. I've used the site before, and i was just browsing this morning when i saw new Make up has been added. I know what it's like not wanting to spend a fortune on make up, so i thought I'd show you the offers they have at the moment. Usually i don't find anything I'd like, but i have to admit I'm pretty impressed with this sale! Just reading that back it sounds like it's been sponsored, i just want to point out that it's not, at all. I just really like the website and i know you would too!


Monday, 21 February 2011

1. Dorothy Perkins / 2. Next / 3.River Island

I was expecting to see a lot of playsuits. However from what I can remember and from what I can find on their website, there wasn’t that many to choose from. The first playsuit reminds me a little bit of a pair of PJS, but the colour is pretty and so fresh, so for that reason I really like it. The second playsuit is a really nice cut. It doesn’t have typically s/s colours which I like, but it’s still got a floral pattern. The black belt breaks up the solid pattern nicely. You can’t go wrong with polka dot, and adding some colour makes it a lot less intrusive. The great thing about polka dots like this, any colour would go with it.

1. Dorothy Perkins / 2. H&M / 3. River Island

I had a lot of difficulty choosing my favourite trousers, a lot of high streets seemed to be big on them this season and you really can’t blame them. They always look so classy and can easily be dressed up and down. The first outfit is my favourite from the show. The colours just scream s/s and the cut on the trousers is beautiful giving a 70s vibe without being over the top. I don’t think I would actually wear the second outfit, it would look awful on me. But the colours are perfect, they clash but it’s for all the right reasons, totally loving the lace bow detail on the blazer. If I could pull off the trousers in the last look I’d be on my way to River Island now. They take on the MIU MIU print so well and look really comfy! Again you could team it with any colour, but white does look amazing.

1. Warehouse / 2. Next / 3. New Look

If you’d followed my blog for a while you’ll know I’m a massive shorts fan and I was happy to see a range of different cuts/colours from the show. The colours in the first outfit are amazing; i would never have thought to mix the colours like this but surprising it actually works so well. I would love to own a pair of leather shorts, even though I know they won’t suit me! I do have a pair of black one that could easily replace and team with that beautiful mustard colour top, electric blue would look great too! I love the classic colours in the second outfit. You can never go wrong with a shirt and grey shorts, giving you the option to add a splash of colour. I’m not a massive fan of the shirt in the last outfit, personally I wouldn’t have teamed it with those shorts, separately they are lovely. But I chose it because of the shorts colour and the bright yellow bag. It’s perfect for those sunny days which will hopefully be arriving soon!

1. Mango / 2. New Look / 3. M&s

As soon as the first dress came out I instantly fell in love, the colour is amazing, the print isn’t over the top and the cut is beautiful. It really is my perfect dress. I really like how the belt gives it more shape and it looks to be very flattering on all sizes. I’m not a massive pink fan, I don’t actually own anything pink. But for some reason I actually really like the second dress, maybe it’s the orange that makes the dress stand out. I’m all for clashing, and for two colours which should repel, I think they work perfectly. The last dress I’m a bit undecided about, I can’t decide if I like it or not. I think the colours are pretty, and the shape is quite nice, but I don’t know if it’s something I would personally wear. I think it makes the model look a bit washed out and that kinda puts me off a little bit.

1. M&S / 2. H&M / 3. Warehouse

I wasn’t sure about the first outfit, I don’t like a lot of fuss in my garments but I actually really like the different layers in skirt I think it looks really nice with a simple plain shirt. If there was any detail on the shirt I think it would make the outfit look a bit over the top. I’ve chosen the second outfit purely for the colours, I think it shows a typical H&M style which can easily be mixed and matched. I’m not really sure it would look good in person, but on the catwalk it looks perfect. I’ve gone for a classic black outfit in the last pick. It’s not very s/s apart from the hat, but every girl needs a simple black outfit in her wardrobe. I don’t actually own anything animal print but I really like the skirt and it’s a nice dark colour which could be jazzed up a bit with a bright cardigan. That leather tee is amazing, and makes me want to run to Warehouse and pick on up straight away!

I hope you like my picks and are inspired for S/S!

Michelle / Lily / Gem / Laura


Saturday, 19 February 2011


So yesterday was my trip to London! I woke up at 5.30am and only had the energy to give myself the most epic quiff i could manage. I thought I'd make it reach new heights being a special day and all! So off i went in my trackies to get the most uncomfortable coach that would be my home for 4 hours. I managed to do my make up on the way, which was a challenge but i think i did well? I tried my new Chanel foundation too and I'm very pleased. It has a massive thumbs up from me! I also got changed in to my dress on the bus too. Again, another challenge. Luckily mine and Lilys bus got in at the same time. It was so so so lovely to finally meet her, and she's as beautiful in real life! We missioned across to Charring Cross where we met up with the very teenytiny but lovely Michelle who luckily knew London a bit better than we did. We got our press passes, and i bumped in to Steph in the que which was a really nice surprise. after a whistle stop look at what everyone was wearing (some amazing, some questionable) we met Gem and headed to the The Look Show It very busy in there, but was great to have a chat and a bit of a giggle and see Laura. It was really nice to meet the blog comp winners Sara and Kavita, who by the way is absolutely stunning. The show was fab (I'll be doing a separate post about that in the week) and we got some really nice things in our goodie bags! We then went back over to Somerset House where all the fashion shows were taking place and headed to the press lounge where we bumped into Jen and Kristabel. Myself, Lily, Gem and Michelle all headed out for a bite to eat and before we knew it was time to leave! My coach however ended up being an hour and a bit late, so i didn't leave London until 10.15pm. I finally crawled in to my bed at about 3am. After being awake for 22 hours, i completely passed out and didn't get up until lunch time. I still feel shattered though! So here's a massive thank you to Lily, because without her i wouldn't have had the bestest day I've had in a long time! <3 br="">


Thursday, 17 February 2011

I have some very exciting news!!! (if you follow me on Twitter this might be verrry boring for you as you already know!) Come 8am tomorrow morning, i will on my way to London! Lily persuaded me to go down with her for the day! After finding some cheap coach prices, and the fact we get in/leave at the same time, it was pretty much perfect. If that wasn't exciting enough, she the goes and wins The Look Show tickets and invited myself, Gem & Michelle to accompany her to the event! So as you can imagine, some major excitement has been going on for the past few days, and lots of wardrobe stressing. I dedicated today to finding my perfect outfit. You know when you have an idea in your head, but when you find X outfit it looks totally rubbish on? Well this happened. But i did manage to find this amazing dress in the Miss Selfridge sale for £15 down from £45! It's so my style, and i think it's really flattering! I did have a red coat to go with it, but it really doesn't go so I'll be returning it next week. The only thing i can't decide is whether to go with the hat or not. so this is where you come in, i need your opinions! I'm going to be rocking out some red nails, and of course my AW bag! I also can't decide on curly or straight hair? (i did take curly pics, but they looked rubbish) Deffo the quiff though, I've been loving them recently! So as you can imagine I'm very excited, and very much looking forward to being around on the first day of London Fashion Week! I also got my press pass sorted too, so that's one less thing to worry about! The only downside is the 8 hour journey it's going to take me to get there/back and the fact i have to be up at 6am and won't get home until 1am. But hey, it's all in the name of fashion!


Wednesday, 16 February 2011


This is my new baby! Of course it's a faux Alexander Wang, but i don't care because i love it! It's so well made, and apart from the zip on one side being slightly harder to do up i don't think it screams fake at all! But i could be wrong because i'm so in love with it and haven't stopped using it since it popped on my door step last week! I had to be careful when searching on Ebay because they're not allowed to list items as 'fake' or 'replica' but i did manag to find it here. I've never had a problem with buying fake, not everyone can afford the real thing so it does annoy me when there's so much stigma about fake goods. I think the prices of designer items are a rip off anyway. From a fashion production students point of view, i know how much it costs to make these things and believe me it's no where near worth what you pay. So I'm all for fakes! I do have a real Vivienne Westwood bag that i got for my birthday though!
Have you ever bought a fake item? What are your thoughts about it?


Monday, 14 February 2011

Lookbook / Chictopia

I absolutely love this blazer, i got it back in the summer in a charity shop just up the road from me. It's a perfect fit for me and i totally love the padded shoulders. I paid £5 which in my opinion is a total bargin. I'm also wearing my latest DIY t-shirt because being the poor student i am, I'd never be able to afford a real Chanel item. I wanted to keep my outfit black and white but with a splash of colour. I have no idea what's going on with my hair today, it has some crazy curls going on!

I finally got my press pass sorted for London Fashion Week. However it's all happened a bit too late, and train fare prices will be through the roof now, so I'm not going to go. With all the uni work i have to do, and the fact I'm finally stuck in with the dissertation, I'd be silly to go away for a few days. I believe everything happens for a reason, so maybe something good will come of it! Maybe passing my course will be it! I'm about half way through my dissertation which is a massive achievement for me. With my tutor still Aus, i sent what I've done so far (1200+ words) to my back up whilst she's away. I've still not heard back, which is annoying because I'm a bit reluctant to carry on if I've totally messed it up.

My Mum came up to Leeds today. She had some work days owing and I've not seen her since Christmas. It was a whistle stop visit, a walk around town and some lunch, but it was lovely none the less!

I hope you hopeless romantics out there have had a lovely Valentines day! I don't really get involved with all the hype, i think it's a bit silly really! But i have bought Matt a very cheesy card, a heart cupcake and his favourite chocolates. All less than £5! He's cooking dinner tonight, well, he should be. I spoke to him earlier and he was yet to have bough anything so I'm sure if you follow me on Twitter you'll hear whether it happens or not. I know he reads my blog, so I'm sure he'll have something to say about this too ;)The best thing about today is the fact every year without fail my Dad sends me a card with a little something, this year i got a heart shaped chocolate on a stick. It really is my favourite thing about today.


Saturday, 12 February 2011

I was going to do an outfit post today, but because I wasn’t going to leave the house I didn’t think there was much point. Also, I’ve had a pretty boring few days. I’ve finally made a start with my dissertation though, and so far I’m feeling ok. I’m sure in the none too distant future I’ll be threatening to throw my laptop out of the window or any other object close by to vent out my anger and frustration. But today, it’s all good. I find it a lot easier sitting on my bed doing work, for some reason sitting at a desk with my laptop just givess me so much more pressure. For those who have asked, my dissertation is about the size debate in the fashion industry, a subject I feel a lot for. If anyone has any helpful websites or articles they could link to me that would be great. I’m also hoping to get a questionnaire out to you in a few weeks which would be greatly appreciated if you could fill out. But I’m no where near that right now. Excuse the lack of appropriate clothing for a blog post, I’ve spent the day in my pjs, put no make up on and totally rocked the geek look in my specs. I hope you’re having a much more fun weekend than I am!


Thursday, 10 February 2011

’ I really like the whole indie style with chino trousers and sheer shirts and stuff, but I don't seem to be able to do it and always end up looking a bit granny-ish! Any tips on being a bit different but remaining normal-looking? ’

This trend has been around for months, but it’s something I’ve never been a part of. I don’t wear trousers, so I don’t think this trend would be right for me. But I can totally understand the look that comes with it, and I understand what needs to be worn to achieve the ‘indie’ look, as clich√© as it sounds. I’ve chosen some basic Chinos from New look, which happen to come in all 3 colours. I’ve teamed them with some blouses which I would wear with them, again, if I wore trousers. I like having colour, and I like having contrasting prints but keeping it pretty chic and stylish at the same time. I personally love the first outfit, i just fall in love with the colours! I’ve chosen basic black accessories which could be worn with all 3, therefore it’s not going to break the bank if you want to buy all 3 looks! I think they’re perfect for spring and summer, and putting a hat with the outfit it gives it a totally different look. You can easily dress them up or dress them down, with changing your shoes and accessories.

Belted Twill Chinos - £24.99
Black Floppy Hat - £7.99
Bird Print Shirt - £12
Over sized Stripe Sun Hat - £7.99
White Tie Up Blouse - £18.99
Wool Feather Trilby - £9.99
Black Tie Blouse - £22.99
Drop Earrings - £4.99
Rose Bracelet Set - £9.99
Suedette Platform Wedge - £15

Most of these items come in various colours too.

Do you have a style question? Feel free to email me and i'll see what i can do!


Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Lookbook / Chictopia

I have no idea what I'm going in the first picture, i can assure you i wasn't about to fight Matt, but it deffo looks like I'm about to have a punch up! So even though the weather is getting nicer, i can i promise you i didn't venture outside with bare legs last week. I'm still stuck in my tights and leggins but you see them enough, so i thought I'd show you my dress by itself. Well, teamed with my Mums vintage blazer. I love this dress, and i love the fact the waist is elasticated so you can wear it a few different ways. I bought it from H&M in 2009 for my best friends then 21st birthday party. She had no idea myself and another friend were going, and we all ended up wearing blue. This dress is one of my wardrobe favourites, and I'm sure I'll have it for years to come.

Uni work is going alright, still not much improvement but i',m getting there. I've been wanting to go in on my days off since Friday, but I've been waiting for some ring boxes which still hadn't arrived by this morning. However i noticed a lovely 'sorry you were out card' from the very helpful people at Royal Mail sitting by the front door. It would be great if i was actually out, but i wasn't. I didn't leave the house until 12.30. So once again they'll be getting a complaint, for once again not even ringing the door bell. I thinking waiting 7 days for a first class parcel is far too long! So alas, the uni work i wanted to do hasn't been done. However I'm not waiting for any more post from Friday onwards so hopefully i can start to get ahead of myself. I can't wait to show you what I've been up to!

If you follow me on Twitter you'll know that yesterday i managed to smack my head on some concrete in the kitchen and knock myself out. I swear only i would do something as stupid as that! It's now very sore and i have a lovely bruise forming. I'm ok though! It could of been a lot worse. Fridays Face is going to be really attractive this week!

Tonight I'm going to be making t-shirts for the couple of ladies who've bought one off me ready to be posted tomorrow, along with the latest scrabble orders.

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