Sunday, 27 February 2011

I've recently had emails from you lovely lot asking if i could a 'celebrity style steal' type of post, and as I'm still getting asked about this bag i thought id' put the two together. Initially i had no idea who Kristin Cavallari is, but thanks to Google, I've found out shes well known for being on reality TV in America. I'm not a massive fan over over layering and a crazy about of accessories (apart from certain looks, obz) so her look is perfect to me, it's just so simple and low key. I really like her sun kissed look too, and the fact she looks fresh faced. It's nice to see someone who wears little make up in a world where Kim Kadashian's immaculate make up is all over the Internet. In 99% of the photos I've found of Kirstin, she is rocking her Rocco! Proving she really does have an amazing style! Here are my picks so you can dress like her too...

All items are from New Look!

Mesh Jumper- £21.99
Denim Shorts- £19.99
Wedges- £22.99
Boyfriend Blazer £19.99
Peter Pan Top- £16.99
Checkered Shirt- £12.79
Skinny Jeans- £15.99
Tunic Dress- £17.59
Sandals- £19.99
Faux Alexander Wang Rocco- £20



  1. I love doing blog posts on celebrities style that I want to steal!! They are such an inspiration!


  2. i love that alex wang bag she has in every photos

  3. oh wow i want everthing you've listed here!! and all from new look. that is so good, I'm a bit in love with those wedges aswell <3

  4. Love this post<3
    the stripey dress is adorable xx

  5. You know what, New Look are freakin' awesome lately. I've not bought anything from Topshop lately as New Look have seriously upped their game. Large love to the look.X

  6. I now kindah want everything you've just listened! New Look seem to be amazing recently! xx

  7. very impressed all these are new look! I love the jumper and shorts combo xx

  8. kristin cavallari is my ultimate girl crush. she is just perfect! and i love that she's not sickly sweet - i kind of like her bitchy side haha - at least she's real about it!

  9. I love her style! It's so simple but she always looks so effortlessly gorgeous and chic. I love the black tunic.

    Great post!

  10. love this post :) you're so good at finding similar things to copy! i'm impressed all of this is from new look too, i love the wedges and stripey top xo

  11. I love her style! Thank you so much for this great post!

    That’s So Fletch
    xo, Jay

  12. she's gorgeous, just like the rocco! that new look one is such a good copy!xxx


  13. I'm not a lover of this girl, but I love these outfits looks and I am your new bag stalker. I love that bag !!! I think that's why I tried to put my jacket in it haha (wishful thinking haha)
    I love the first outfit on the left, I would wear that in a heart beat !

  14. I want the bag so badly! I too hadn't heard of her, but I really like her style, I love all the outfits especially 3&4:)xxx

  15. I love celebrity style! well done:) xxx

  16. Great post! You've picked fab items :) x

  17. Cuuuuuute! I want to steal the styles that you stole! :)

  18. Victoria, I just saw your new moving image on the side of your page and I LOVE it! You look so pretty and it's an absolutely awesome idea! It reminds me of Harry Potter where the people in the black and white photographs move! Brill! P.s Loving the black holdall x


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