Tuesday, 1 March 2011

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This wasn't the outfit i wanted to post today, originally i wanted to show you my new shirt in full length (if you follow my Tumblr you would have already seen it) But the photos weren't looking right, and in the end i just gave up. So I'll save the outfit for another day. This one was taken last week and i never posted it. I actually really like the quirkiness of them. Apologies for my stupid boobs, but it was the only was i could show the bat wing on the top. I bought it from Topshop in the Jan sales for £5 and it's perfect!

I won't bore you with uni updates, because it's still the same old and I'm still no further than where i was last week and wasted my half term (not out of choice) But as it's now March i need to get myself in gear and finish these last few months. I'm still going to blog, but it might be lacking a bit for a few weeks until i can sort everything out. In the month of February i also broke my all time viewing records and have gone 10,000 over January's which is completely overwelhming. So thank you again for being a part of my blog.

So it was a very chilled week, it meant that i spent a lot of time with Matt and we ate lots of yummy food. For dinner on Saturday we had a Cheese fondue which is like my perfect meal! It's so easy to cook too, so if bread and cheese is your perfect dish i seriously recommend it.

I bought a new dress from F&F at the weekend. Probably my last purchase in a while. It arrived this morning, and i was so excited to get my hands on it. However i was really disappointed to find it was too big for me which is annoying because i wasn't aware I'd lost anymore weight. So the silver lining is i can smile that a size 14 is too big, but also really sad cos it's such a pretty dress. So if anyone is interested let me know before i end up sending it back/sticking it on Ebay!

I might be going out for some drinks tonight for a friend of Matts birthdays. But Tuesdays is always so busy at the place he wants to go so i don't know if can be bothered, but we'll see. Right now all i want to do is get in my pjs and eat some more!



  1. Congrats on more weight loss! Pity the dress is too large though. Congrats on the viewing record as well! x

  2. I love those shorts, the material with the leopard print is a lovely combination. Unexpected weight loss is always a blessing! xx

  3. lovely outfit

    you look gorgeous :)


  4. Awh I like this outfit sweet (: Really into taupe tones at the moment, and your leopard print belt breaks it all up nicely. Good luck with your Uni work tooo, I'm totes stressing over it all at the moment and trying to keep up with blogging... Not happening! xxxx

  5. Really like this outfit :)
    Congrats on your viewing records too, you deserve it! xx

  6. I love the little something the patterns on the belt add!

  7. Lovely outfit, the top goes so nicely with those shorts. You look very chic :) x

  8. Those shorts are great, I want a pair!

  9. You look so pretty, cute shorts, you have lost weight! x

  10. I think that top colour really suits you! xx

  11. i love those tops! primark have some really nice ones atm too, in a camel colour and one similar to the one you're wearing. they're cute! good luck with the last few months of uni, it'll all be worth it in the end :) xo


  12. Omvvvv cheater ;) Love the dress dupe you found, shame it doesn't fit, but great bonus, eh. love ya xxxx

  13. I love the top on you, the colours together look fab. Such a shame that dress didn't fit, it's so pretty. xx

    Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  14. Those shorts are really nice, and the colours of these pieces really suit you! Ah it's a shame about the dress being too big, its so annoying when you find something you love and its either too big/small! :( xx

  15. 1. Congratulations on the weight loss.
    2. Weight loss or not, you really know how to dress for your body.
    3. This look is super sophisticated!


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