Friday, 9 February 2018


''The Hayman family have over 150 years of distilling experience and use a traditional two-day distillation method to make beautifully balanced English Gins. Their Sloe Gin is produced by steeping sloe berries with Hayman's Gin carefully for several months, before blending with natural sugars. Always by hand, of course!'' 

Every girl deserves a best friend, the one girl you cannot live without and I've been very fortune to have had this girl in my life for 18 years. We live an hour away from each other now and our meet ups aren't always as frequent as we'd like, but when they take place they always involve a drink, or 10. So when I popped over to see her to celebrate our own little Galentines, I took over a bottle of Haymans Sloe Gin to share over some food, music and gossip!

As someone who's only just recently got in to gin (I'm well and truly on that bandwagon now) I can honestly hold my hands up and say this is one of the nicest drinks I've ever had the pleasure of drinking. In fact, we managed to go through half a bottle without even realising it went down that well! We teamed it with Mediterranean tonic water over ice and it was just so nice, we've already said this will be our summer drink out in the garden. Roll on those long, light and warm evenings...

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