Monday, 4 September 2017


TARTAN FABRIC - 99p // STAG WALLPAPER - 99p // LOG WALL PAPER - £1 // SILK MAPLE LEAVES - £1.48 // CINNAMON STICKS - £2.50 // DRIED ORANGE - £2.40 // PINE CONES - 99p // FAUX FUR - £1.99

I love a good flat lay, although I'm certainly no expert! I often use accessories from around my house, but recently I've been purposely buying products just for my blog photos and I'm seriously getting in to it! Autumn is such a great season for colour and there's a lot of things we associate with it too and as always eBay is a great place to hunt for these products at a bargain price. Let me tell you a sample of wallpaper or fabric goes a really long way! Above are some bits and peices I've found for some Autumnal blog posts and I thought it might be handy for you guys too. 

Happy flat laying! 

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